The fastest growing mobile operating platform, Android is gaining markets all across the world and the competition is nowhere near Android.

Leveraging the advantages of Android such as user-friendliness, versatility and flexibility, Brain Fuel delivers Android app development services to our clients worldwide utilizing the all the features and advantages of the Android platform. Choose Brian Fuel as your Android app development partner so as to provide expertise on this mobile technology. An Android app is crucial for startups, small, medium and large organizations which may be laid across a wide range of industries. Bran fuel can deliver the Android technology expertise needed for your Android app development project.

There are features of Android such as custom roms something which is not found on any other platform, as the Android operating system is open source, developers can tweak the existing OS and build their own versions of the operating system. This custom made operating system can be downloaded by users and they can install it in place of the existing stock OS. Features can be added and deleted, the look and feel of the device can also be tweaked. This allows developers fully use features of the Android for an app.

Another features are widgets, pps are versatile, but the information overload from the app can be overwhelming especially when it is not required. Widgets can give the same information from an app at a glance instead of having to open an app and waiting for it to load and execute to load the data. Android has a wide of range of widgets which lets the user display just about any feature such as weather apps, music widgets, and productivity tools. As far as user friendliness is concerned, android continues to make their platform as accessible as possible, with applications like AirDroid one can control the functions of an Android smartphone with clicks from a mouse.

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