A hybrid JavaScript library with unlimited potential, suitable for developing mobile applications or responsive websites. ReactJS is the total solution for digital problems. Its unparalleled flexibility allows a native feel, whatever the platform is.

Efficient & Robust Web Applications Through ReactJS

Brainfuel Technologies is your ReactJS development partner and we strive at the creation of websites, UI, HTML effortlessly that has more dynamic features and is SEO friendly. The flexible library provides hooks that provides interfacing with other frameworks and libraries. Companies that use ReactJS, HTML benefits great deals for developing new features without rewriting the existing code. ReactJS stands out with its interoperability feature by rendering both on the client side and server side. The elements are divided into segments that are reused in other parts of the site. ReactJS development organisations utilize the integrated library that can be seamlessly used with either Node Js or Angular JS. The open-source project helps in creating fast and robust applications that support large chunks of data. Adaptability and versatility to internal failures allow building web applications using ReactJS efficiently. We are one of the standard ReactJS development company in India.

Features of ReactJS

Free and Open Source

Developed by Facebook and Instagram, ReactJS is an open source and free script. Although free, the script is under strict monitoring by Facebook about its usage. An active community means constant changes and updates to be competitive and have an edge over the other scripts.

Virtual Document Object Model

ReactJS creates an in-memory data structure cache which computes the changes made and updates the browser. This allows a special feature which enables the programmer to code as if the whole page is rendered on each change whereas the react library only renders the components which actually change.

Multi-faceted components

In ReactJS, the programmer defines the user interface using native components. The components can be taken as simple functions as in any programming language. These functions can be reused as needed and can be composed to perform bigger functions from smaller ones. A single component can be reused in multiple User Interfaces, and components can contain within other components.

Ease of use

When compared with Angular JS, ReactJS has a more precise approach to designing interactive interfaces. In Angular JS, the “ng-repeat” directive is used to create rendering views via loops. In ReactJS, JSX is used to create a loop over numerous HTML elements. This offers a much easier technique that can be deployed with relative ease.

Framework or Library?

ReactJS can be defined more of a library rather than a framework, but more specifically it is a framework for creating API’s. Even though it is far from being a complete solution, it integrates well with other libraries.

Few hours from JavaScript

ReactJS is essentially JavaScript, but there are very few API’s to get used to. To be a ReactJS developer knowledge of JavaScript is the most basic requirement. Being proficient in ReactJS from JavaScript is just a couple of hours away.

Flux library

An architecture technique that is used for the creation of data layers within JavaScript applications. It was developed by Facebook with the React view library. It focuses on creating explicit and understandable update paths for an application's data, which makes tracking changes during development much easier. It is very easy for programmers to manage data across the whole application.



World’s largest photo and video sharing social networking site.

Yahoo! MailYahoo! Mail

One of the leading providers of personal email services.


The largest bank in Russia and Eastern Europe.


The birthplace of ReactJS.


The most popular video streaming site uses ReactJS on low-performance TV devices.

Companies using ReactJS

Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences, Altima and Walmart.

Why prefer ReactJS

Compared to frameworks like PhoneGap & Titanium, ReactJS overcomes the problems brought up by the others like performance, battery usage and feel. ReactJS differs from other types of frameworks. The other frameworks work by wrapping the web content in a web view format resulting in UI elements which lack a natural feel. To overcome this, ReactJS uses JavaScript components backed by original iOS and Android components so that the applications one builds is fully native and natural.