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3D mapping services to control future of autonomous cars and smart cities

Cartography is both challenging and painstaking work. Centuries ago human beings got determined and challenged the seas for exploring the unknown worlds. This paved way to the advent and immense possibilities of mapping and continues to date. A monumental decision in cartography was made when the earth got flattened into a two-dimensional surface. All thanks to advanced technology and 3D mapping services, modern-day cartographers don’t have to go out and challenge the seas but instead can stay focused behind the monitors. Nonetheless, their roles have become more significant than ever. Currently, we are living in the age of automation. In today’s world, all things are connected to the internet. We can see vehicles on their own transporting passengers to different destinations. On the way, they need to locate and identify every turn, every object, and every tunnel that appears in front of them. This simply means that autonomous cars require a vast amount of data for transporting passengers from one point to another without any harm caused to them. To be specific, we require effective and accurate 3D mapping services like never before.

Driverless cars and 3D mapping services 

The maps that you use on a regular basis are not competent enough for this task since they are built with GPS and facilitates aerial photography. Ok, that might be sufficient enough for people who are only looking to drive around their unknown neighborhood. As per credible market research, it is expected that the world’s digital map market is estimated to cross the $ 3.67 Billion mark by 2023. That means growth at a CAGR of a whopping 12.6 % from the year of 2017. The tough competition between top players who provide high-end 3D mapping services and massive demand from the side of autonomous car companies have accelerated the market growth by manifolds. 

3D mapping services to navigate smart cities

Almost every industry is riding the high tides of digitalization. The increased number of cities and the never-ending need for urbanization have made people like you and me ponder about the best ways for managing our environmental resources and resolve issues regarding pollution. 

Future of 3D mapping services & advanced technologies 

It is believed that in the future, autonomous cars are going to be the most prominent end-users of maps that provides advanced 3D mapping services. Therefore it is very important to update and improve the present digital mapping systems. Digital maps must be able to respond spontaneously to their environment and reflect dynamically. The good news is that, with the prompt support of AI and Machine Learning algorithms, it will be much easier for you to detect patterns in the generated data. 

Digital mapping services are going to be the controlling factor for many things in the near future. Adding to that, the highly promising developments in the field of sensor technology have opened new avenues of opportunities to improve digital mapping services. Every innovative technology that we intend to create and launch in the market will heavily depend on advanced and accurate mapping facilities.   

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