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5 Top Programming languages to build powerful AI chatbots in 2022

Artificial Intelligence is one of the latest and trending technologies which helps various companies to expand, grow, and achieve their core values of business with its tools and features. Customer satisfaction is the main priority for any business, which is a challenge for most businesses. This has a negative impact on business reliability, productivity, revenue, and brand. With the introduction of chatbots in every sector of business, most common issues are resolved. But earlier, it was difficult to build a chatbot for their website, application, etc.


Due to the advancements in technology, AI chatbots are the preferred option as developers find it easy to build them because of the many developer tools and programming language options available. AI chatbot development becomes even easier when you pick the right programming language, which can meet the UI/UX and specific features of your business. If you are looking for the top programming languages used in 2022, then you are at the right place. This list may be varied, but the below languages are ideal for developing AI-powered chatbots.


Top 5 Programming languages :


  • Python:

In current times, Python is one of the top languages preferred in the software development industry. Most developers use this language for building AI-powered chatbots with less time investment and smarter work. The main reason is that Python is equipped with the Artificial Intelligence Markup Language, which makes developers’ jobs easier to write syntax for complicated chatbot features. It has a simple syntax structure, which is easy for developers to learn and implement quickly. It has advanced AI libraries and frameworks used for developing chatbots.


Python helps developers to create strategic roadmaps for chatbots that can be followed in different situations or conditions. Python can easily be combined with various machine learning algorithms which create responses similar to human responses. This feature makes customers or users feel they are talking to humans, not robots. Its effective documentation and strong community support help developers to find ways whenever they find issues in fixing bugs, which affect the progress of the development process.



  • Clojure language:


This is one of the languages that has a bright future, and most enterprises and businesses are looking to opt for this language. It can be called part of the “Lisp” family as Clojure has the in-built feature of “code as data.” It is known as a general-purpose and dynamic language that has easy access to all the Java frameworks, which makes developers’ jobs easy to build powerful AI chatbots for their respective clients or companies.


The main reasons for using this language are its features like multithreaded support, clean and precise code facility, and a rich set of immutable, persistent data structures etc. Most developers are not aware of this language, which is a compiled one but has runtime support for every feature, which helps developers to write complex chatbot features with ease. If you are looking to choose this language, then either learn the basics thoroughly or take the help of experts from the AI chatbot development platform who use this language for development.



  • Java language:


This is an ideal language for AI chatbot development as it has been in the software development industry for decades. It is an object-oriented programming language that has a portability feature. It enables developers to write code for the high features of chatbots. The reason for choosing this language for chatbot development is its robust nature, which makes developers write code for advanced algorithms. It has various in-built features which make it easy to build artificial intelligence-powered chatbots. One more reason to prefer this language is that it offers a great garbage collection in-built feature, which is crucial for chatbot development. It has strong community support like Python, which makes developers’ jobs easier as they guide you at every stage required.



  • PHP:


This language is for those companies or businesses who want to build powerful AI chatbots but have stopped because of financial concerns. The PHP language is open source and easy to use. It resolves your money concerns and implements AI-powered chatbots to improve your business. It is a very powerful and high-level scripting language, making it easy for chatbot development. Developers can build very complicated chatbot features easily with PHP. It has an extensive range of APIs, which makes development easier and smoother. Its platform-independent nature makes chatbots run on any platform. This language also has standard community support and documentation, which is necessary while working on complicated projects. It saves time.



  • C++ language:


Even in current times, the C++ language is the most preferred option, but various enterprises and companies won’t use it. But this is one of the top languages that makes AI chatbot development easy and quick. The speed and performance of an AI-powered chatbot built using C++ are unmatchable. It is compatible with machine learning and the creation of a neural network. It has become a stable language. Developers can write any AI-powered chatbot algorithm with ease in C++. If your business wants AI chatbots to be developed quickly, then this language is a perfect choice.



Aside from the programming languages mentioned above, Ruby, R, Kotlin, Lisp, GO, and others make the AI chatbot development process easier for developers by providing unique tools and features. Chatbots are vital for a website or an application in a business. AI-powered chatbots are the future of the chatbot development industry.


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