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Web Scraping

Achieve great python scraping performance with these renowned libraries.

Web scraping services are popular and at the same time the need of the hour. Many companies and organizations are researching deep learning and AI technologies so as to derive the best technology developments. All these require more data in the respective field. Therefore the data extraction services have got great scope. Especially python scraping services.

Python scraping is an essential technique that is appreciated and desired by data analysts in many industries. There are many python libraries available for scraping. Selecting one depends upon various factors and understanding them in detail will be an added advantage.

Python libraries for web scraping

Python scraping is all about extracting data from other websites in an effective manner. This can be executed with the help of many programming languages and one among them is Python.

Popular python scraping libraries
  • ‘Requests library’

The ‘Requests’ is a python library for making HTTP requests like POST, GET in no time. It is simple to use and intended to use for humans. It is also known as the basic library used by providers of python scrapping in India. Lxml and Beautiful soup are needed for retrieving data using requests.


  • Simple
  • International domains
  • Proxy support
  • lxml library

lxml provides high performance and it is a parsing python library required for parsing data using requests. It is great at extracting data in bulk and can extract data from HTML using CSS selectors.


  • Lightweight
  • Use of element trees
  • Python API
  • Fast performance

Though it has many disadvantages it shows poor performance with a neglected HTML design.

  • Beautiful soup

Beautiful soup is widely known for python scraping libraries. HTML and XML are used for parsing with a parsing tree. It is well suited for beginners and easy to use. And most often beautiful soup and requests library are used together for great performance.


  • Requires some coding
  • Very easy to learn
  • Automatic encoding
  • Great documentation

One of its disadvantages is it is slower than lxml. Providers of python scraping in India use beautiful soup like never before.

  • Selenium for web scraping

Scraping dynamically populated website scraping is not easy with other python scraping libraries. Selenium python scraping is an exception and the irony is it is initially made for automated testing for web applications. It can process static and Javascript pages simultaneously. But it gets slower when used for large scale extraction purposes. Why, because scraping dynamic web pages Selenium creates Javascripts for every page.


  • Suitable for beginners
  • Automate web browsers
  • Automated web scraping
  • Suitable for dynamically populated websites

It also got a few disadvantages

  • High memory and CPU
  • Tough setup
  • Slow
  • Not ideal for web pages
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