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Better Finance and Accounting (F&A) With Us

Everyone has heard the saying that “a penny saved is a penny earned”, now imagine you are a company with multiple transactions happening in a single day. You are an e-commerce startup that operates on thin margins? Establishments such as a manufacturing plant or a restaurant where is multiple but repetitive payments and transactions happen on a fixed period. Until now the record-keeping of this transaction has been a subset of financial dept overlap colloquially called Record to report or R2R. We have used our considerable expertise to create a product that accurate track transactions, detect leakages and general record keeping. We use the data to give insights into future strategic financial planning and analysis. We not know only record to report instead we record to analyze. Below is explained how we do it.

General Ledger Accounting and Reporting

Starting things from the basics, we track the day to day transactions from operation critical payments such as utility payments to small cash transactions such as petty cash payments for buying stationery products for the office. All the transactions are recorded their metadata is also recorded, data such as including their bill due date for repetitive payments, billing cycle patterns, and their preferred payment method. These data are entered digitally so as to reduce manual entries thus increase the financial integrity of the company.

Statutory and Compliance Reporting

Our robotic automation process engineers have a deep understanding of the nuances of the financial structure within the company, we have designed these solutions with consultations with CPA’s and CA’s. These experts told us about the strict compliance a company to follow. Our experts are always on the lookout for any changes in the laws regarding the companies the company follows. Our solution is always up to date with all regulations no matter the geographical location. 

Audit and Compliance Reporting 

The clearer the records, the easier the decisions to make, we take this to our heart as we have audit reporting modules which leave no stone unturned. The reports are transparent for the authorities to go through. Our solution also generates a report on risks, incomplete transactions, inadequate information on transactions, and flags suspicious activities swell. 

Cash Flow Reporting

Each and every transaction is a piece of the puzzle which makes them important for seeing the larger picture.  Our solution keeps track of the working capital, liquid capital, credit, market risks, and current flow of cash both flowing inside to and to outside the company. These data are important for making it possible for what we do next.

credit, liquidity, and market risks. Built on the foundation of proactive planning, straight-through processing, and efficient communication, our next-generation approach focuses on integrated data, systematic controls, and automated processing.

Enterprise Performance Reporting

Leveraging data from multiple modules, our solution generates models for investing in the company’s 80/20 business, Identify risks and leakages within the current model, identifies growing sections within the business, and most importantly forecasts business outcomes.

How can we help?

We are one of the best robotic process automation companies when it comes to streamlining operations and processes within power and utility companies. We understand the nuances of the sector thus tinkering and improving our robotic process automation. We provide robotic process automation solutions individually to individual departments so as to make the entire organization to be efficient translating to reduced operating costs and more revenue.



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