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Robotic Process Automation

Business process management and RPA software companies, do they work well together?

Business process management (BPM) has the upper hand, is the veteran here and robotic process automation (RPA) is like the new kid in the block. However, when you put both BPM and RPA together for a better automation strategy, you get the ability to resolve several problems in a significant way. It’s no wonder why rpa software companies are always in the pursuit of advanced strategies that work well with business process management to produce optimal results. Both RPA and BPM have a common factor. You can find that letter “P” stands for “Process” in both the acronyms. Though through different ways, the common goal of RPA and BPM working together is to improve business operations. 

The difference between RPA and BPM

Let’s draw a line of distinction between RPA and BPM and what they denote. A vast majority of people who focus on BPM believe that it is something that is to be done continuously like DevOps functioning rather than being just a tool or application. It’s an ongoing process. Business process management is a continual effort put into analyzing, documenting, measuring, and redefining or improving the necessary business functionality in the larger context of day to day operations of your organization. Therefore the tools and strategies for BPM are the by-products of the routine functional activities done for scaling up businesses. 

On the contrary, RPA is software. Robotic process automation directly refers to software robots that are used for the automation of specific systems-oriented tasks such as data extraction, storage, and transfer. Eminent rpa software companies are always in the process of creating robots that can provide top-notch automated solutions for their clients. 

Business houses are always concerned about improving their processes. Now with the advent of better technologies, automated software solutions are considered an integral option for increasing scalability and production. At this juncture, we can very well assume that BPM and RPA have a very strong connection with each other. “We see RPA and BPM as symbiotic technologies broadly speaking, and especially across several key use cases such as HR on boarding, insurance claims handling, order processing, [and others],” says Rizwan Husain. Husain is the senior Director at Automation Anywhere.

How RPA can improve BPM

“While RPA and BPM are distinct terms, they are complementary to each other and can contribute to digital transformation when deployed together,” says Karl Chan. Chan is the president at Laserfiche. One thing is pretty clear, robotic process automation is the tool used for enhancing the essential purpose and activities of business process management and they work together very well. BPM is used with the prime intention of creating dependable workflows that are digitally connected and operated by people within the infrastructure of an organization. RPA is used to enhance and simplify these workflows by executing certain rule-based automation activities. One of the best advantages of using the services of rpa software companies is that you will be able to significantly save time and get the works done with minimal errors and improved data quality. This is why professional rpa software companies are in huge demand these days.

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