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Data Capturing Techniques in GIS

Data Capturing Techniques in GIS

Data is vital in GIS as it helps us to locate the earth’s positions. A variety of types of data are used in GIS for various purposes. Vegetation data, street data, buildings data, integration data, population data etc. are stored, displayed and checked by this computer-designed system. Different organizations use data to improve their business effectively. But the data should be in readable and usable form. The data capturing technique helps to achieve this. The right GIS mapping services provider has professionals who have correct knowledge of these techniques which is useful for a company.


What is Data Capturing?

It is a technique where the data on various map attributes, assets and organizational data are digitized and arranged in appropriate layers of the targeted GIS system. This technique helps cartographers as they face issues in digitizing data related to maps. The format is known as cartographic data format. 


Right data capturing is essential as it is the deciding factor for any project. If this goes well then the whole project flow goes smoothly. If not, your company has to face the problems. To assure there is no problem, most of the top companies partner with the best GIS mapping services provider available in the industry.


Data Capturing Techniques: 

The techniques are divided into primary GIS data capture techniques and secondary GIS data capture techniques. Let us discuss both techniques in detail.


Primary Data Capturing Techniques:


These techniques focus on capturing GIS primary data. The data is digitized with the help of any software or collected by hand using a GPS receiver. These techniques use remote sensors and surveying technologies for capturing the data. It is achieved by either the raster GIS data capture technique or the vector GIS data capture technique.



Raster GIS data capture technique


It captures attributes and other forms of data without any physical contact. Satellite imaging techniques like aerial photography are used to capture the data. This technique ensures consistency in data generation which is beneficial.



Vector GIS data capture technique


It uses physical surveying techniques like Differential Global positioning system and Electronic total station to capture data sets. One can get accurate results by using this technique. This technique is time-consuming and can impact business operations. Upon that it is costly.


Every company might not be aware of these techniques which can cause trouble in selecting the right technique. But GIS mapping solutions provider gives the best suggestions to such companies and guides them whenever required.


Secondary GIS data capture techniques

It focuses on capturing secondary data. The data in which output is from any geoprocessing tools. Such data is edited without any aerial photography interference. It is achieved by using scanning, manual digitizing, vectorization, and photogrammetry.



Scanning technique:


To get accurate and high-quality raster images a high-resolution scanner is used. The images are generated when the hard copies are scanned and then they are sent for georeferencing. It is digitized to get the vector output which is the end of the scanning technique



Manual digitizing technique:


Manual digitization can be achieved either by hardcopy digitizing or on-screen digitizing. In GIS it is done over the raster with the help of a digitizing tablet. This is an on-screen method in which the tablet is a manual pointing device which creates an identical vector map on a computer screen.



Automatic Raster to vector conversion technique:


This technique uses special software which has some powerful algorithms. It helps in identifying the pattern of lines, points etc. and they are captured. Once they are captured it is converted into GIS vector data. GIS mapping solutions provider has some top quality and secured software which helps your company while dealing with the clients.





Digital plotters are used to capture the GIS vector data from Aerial photographs, images etc. This method gives accurate results as it is the most data-capturing technique. But companies tend to avoid it as it is too expensive.



GIS data capturing techniques are used to capture land-related data, navigation data, utility infrastructure, environmental and climate-related data etc. As it decides the fate of businesses from different industries and people’s lives it is advisable to use the GIS data capturing services from the GIS mapping solutions provider. To get accurate data the expert professionals’ knowledge and experience are a must. It ensures the business growth rate. There is no compromise in securing the data as your business fate and condition depends on data. 


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