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Flutter mobile app development

Flutter Mobile Applications Security Guide

In the digital era, mobile phone usage became popular for various purposes. The majority of work is done using mobile applications, which has led to the demand for various frameworks for mobile app development. Flutter is one framework that is in demand because of its strong security system. In general, developers focus on developing apps, leaving security aside, but without a strong security system, the application cannot survive for a long time. That is one area where Flutter mobile app development team members never compromise. This article helps you to secure mobile applications developed on Flutter, as the best tips are explained in detail. The Flutter team follows a philosophy for securing applications.


Flutter’s security philosophy:

Their philosophy is built on five pillars. They are Identify, Detect, Protect, Respond, and Recover. This might sound like a normal strategy, but the difference is that this team practises it seriously to ensure there are fewer security threat issues.



  • Identify: The team has to focus on areas where there are high chances of security risks. Constant monitoring of those areas can help in identifying security issues and vulnerabilities which impact the application’s performance.
  • Detect: To detect any threat, the team members have to use tools and technology that can send notifications whenever any issue is detected. Static security testing helps in detecting bugs, vulnerabilities, etc.
  • Protect: To safeguard the application, try to eliminate the risks of vulnerabilities at the earliest. Focus on the coding part as there are high chances of security threats if there are bugs during coding. Fix those errors at that time.
  • Respond: Create a process which can track, resolve, and report security issues.


  • Recover:The team has a backup plan which ensures they can recover the data at a minimal time if the threats are major.

Every developer from the Flutter mobile app development company follows this strategy without fail. This is beneficial for businesses that partner with such companies for mobile application development. Apart from the strategy, there are a few tips to secure mobile apps.


The following are the best security tips for Flutter mobile apps:


  • Updating the Flutter SDK with the latest version:


By updating the SDK to the latest version, the majority of security issues are resolved. Flutter releases new versions constantly which provides solutions for security issues that occurred in the past. It is better to download the latest version from the official website. If not, there will be more security issues which might take time and cost to resolve. Follow the documentation guide carefully to install the latest version. This helps in installing the latest SDK without issues.



  • Ensuring the application dependencies are updated on time:


Developers use various application dependency packages to build a top-quality mobile application. In some situations, they forget to check whether they are updated or not. If not, update them and use them for the project. Sometimes the latest version causes issues in application functionality. In that scenario, please check whether the security version has been updated. If not, please do it immediately.



  • Code Obfuscation:


This is a process of making changes to the application’s binary as it makes humans difficult to understand. Reverse engineering of any application will expose key and important information about the application. This allows hackers to hack the application and steal confidential information. But code obfuscation hides important information in the Dart compiled code, which makes reverse engineering difficult for hackers.

This process is difficult but not for flutter developers as it is very easy to obfuscate the code. Build a release version with the obfuscate flag and combine it with the split-debut flag.



flutter build apk –obfuscate –split-debug-info=/<project-name>/<directory>


This might sound easy, but not for everyone, as it is a complicated process and security tip to follow. The Flutter mobile app development platform guides every developer through every step of the process until it is completed.



  • Local Authentication :


Local authentication is similar to two-factor authentication, which provides additional security features for the mobile application. The additional authentication is the lock mechanism of the smartphone, which is either a fingerprint, pincode or face unlock. To implement local authentication on Flutter mobile apps, we use the package local_auth_flutter package. One can download or install this package before writing the code.



  • Rooting or JailBreaking protection:


Mobile devices can be either rooted or jailbroken, which restricts the user’s ability to use the phone. This gives the hacker the chance to introduce malware which can affect the application and even the data. This is a serious security issue that developers need to focus on while developing mobile apps. Rooting occurs on Android phones and jailbreaking occurs on Ios. Flutter has the package to resolve this issue. For FAndroidoid devices, RootBeer is the package. For IoS devices, DTTTJailBreakDetection is the package.



There are various security tips or practices to be followed by every developer who focuses on developing mobile applications. The best way to resolve security threats is to follow these tips and receive constant updates from the official website of Flutter. All the successful Flutter mobile app development companies subscribe to the Flutter-announce mailing list as they can learn new practices which protect the apps and improve the business scalability and growth.


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