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Golang based Malware: Things to know

Malware developers are in love with the Golang programming language. The cybersecurity firm Intezer found out that Golang based malware has been incremented by 2000% since 2017. The graph will likely rise in the future. Great vigilant action is required to prevent malware attacks. They are eyeing multiple operating systems with strains using a single Golang code. Golang development services are a great help to check your IT infrastructure and they make sure it’s malware-free. 

What are other major threats?

Golang development services are familiar with using the Golang programming language for developing applications. It is created by Google and comparatively a new language which is known for its simple syntax. Robert Pike and Ken Thompson invented it.

Golang development services might say the language is statically linked and have quite a similarity to C and Java. That is true, it is designed as an alternative in terms of easy reading for developers. 

Why cybercriminals prefer Golang

State-sponsored and non-state-sponsored malware groups have been using Golang for a number of reasons. It is used to produce remote access Trojans, stealers, coin miners, and other malicious computer programs. With the same data code, a Golang based malware can attack various software including Windows, macOS, Linux. A static link is only needed for running code on various platforms. Go-based crypto miners are notorious for attacking devices.

These strains are unique and stealthy in nature. And malware is written in Golang are numerous. As we have seen, static linking allows the language to have more binaries. Therefore, many anti-virus software may not be able to identify it. They look alike analyzed with a debugger. Another thing to consider, these Go binaries are difficult to reverse and engineer. With the help of Golang web development services, you can assure it’s free of malware

Many reverse engineering tools greatly work with C or C++. The Golang is a language of high flexibility in terms of simplicity as well as adaptability for multi-platforms. Golang development services in India have seen a great rise in recent years and it is not a fad according to data. Around 10.700 unique malware applications are written in Go. 


 ElectroRat is capable of attacking multiple operating systems. It can take screenshots, keylogging, Uploading and downloading files, and operating commands.  


This ransomware first encrypts the victim’s data and then makes changes to files. It is originally created in the Go programming language. 


Sofacy developed the malware called Zebrocy in 2020 and has been sending phishing lures to the user and then take all data to the controlling server from the desktop. 

In short, it is good to know the key points of Go-based malware. So that you can take appropriate measures against malware attacks. Hiring the skillset of Golang web development services helps in identifying the ransomware.

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