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Golang, the programming language worth learning by experts

Golang, the programming language worth learning by experts

Go or Goalng is a newbie programming language developed by Google and is a hit among developers and businesses when it comes to application development. There are many new programming languages emerging making it a tough decision to select the best one for your business as well as learn. Is Golang a language worth learning? Experts reveal so. The companies using Golang have already acknowledged the language’s huge potential since its inception. 


As more and more small, large and mid-sized companies and businesses choose companies using Golang to amass those benefits. So, learning the Go language is worth a try in all aspects. In the future companies will require more developers who are adept in Go. So, programmers in Go are needed everywhere to come up with the best applications. 


Notable features of Golang 


The notable features the Go language offers are enormous and companies using Golang understand it shares common attributes to many languages such as Python, C, C++ and Java. 



  • Concurrency 


Multiple operations can be performed using Golang. It is possible to perform concurrent operations using the goroutine attribute. They have good attributes and has 



  • Memory address assignment


The address assignment object of Golang is a variable function and can be used to database or add functions. The memory allocation feature is similar to assigning a class in other programming languages. 



  • Compiled


Golang is also a compiled language that can be used effectively as machines can automatically interpret it easily. Garbage collection, goroutine channelling and static typing are the features that make Go a perfect compiled programming language. 



  • Garbage collection


Garbage collection is an excellent feature of the Go programming language because of this attribute it is possible to free unused memories allocated in each programming language. It can make the program looks fresh and cleaner. 


The above mentioned are some of the important features of Go and the market demand for the programming language is exponentially increasing like never before. According to the Stack Overflow Developer Survey, Go has bagged 14th place as the best programming language. The number of the companies that use Go is also increasing as per the survey it exceeds more than 2,624. Developers also find the language is easy to learn and apply. Companies using Golang will have newly skilled developers in Go in coming years and that trend can bring many new insights into the world of mobile development. 


Currently, Go might have low popularity compared to compiler language used for back end development like Python. But adeptness in Python will be an added advantage to the budding and aspiring developers because:


  • It is easy to learn
  • Go applications are increasing
  • Easy problem solving with code


In short, learning Go will be a plus in your career as many companies use it for software development and mobile application development. Overall performance as a developer also depends on your selection of critical thinking skills and tools. 


About us 

Brainfuel is the best Goalng development company that helps companies using Golang in India to provide the best knowledge to ease Golang development. We are a team of professionals who are dedicated to providing full-fledged golang development assistance to our clientele. Being one of the trusted Go development companies that aids companies using Golang in India, we strive to provide the best services to businesses. 




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