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How can we help to simplify your customer experience?

Customer Experience In Numbers 

Customer satisfaction is seen as a strategic necessity just like profit margins or operating costs by companies nowadays. Customer interaction when it comes through support represents over 75% of all communication with a customer. Now, this is a very important number as this number can be held as a threshold number not to go below for all future endeavors for a company. This number surely gets complicated to manage as the number of different channels for communication goes up, from calling directly to communicating publicly on a social media channel. So, in turn, translates to resolving and noting customer requests as a part of your service rather than an afterthought, just like they value your service its time to value their time as well. 

Existing culture and challenges

All customer interactions are different, while the request may be the same, the process gets complicated on the basis of the geographical region, the communication channel, and most importantly the communication medium a.k.a language. The current model is to exchange initial pleasantries and intake basic information such as bill number or customer-id. Before getting into the meat of the conversation, a good amount of time is wasted on both sides. Customers most of the time do not care about the channel or medium as long as the issue gets resolved as quickly as possible if organizations also begin to value time as well as resolving issues. This culture of being miserly with time is win-win for both parties. But the current model does not allow this and we can help organizations to achieve this.

Robotic Process Automation

Simply put,  to better engage with customers across multiple channels adopt an automated customer service solution. Expand your customer service model with self-service options such as responding to basic questions as “what kind help do you require?”  or “what is wrong with the product?” or “Which ticket do you wish to cancel”. While these interactions seem to be simple and precise, these questions save value time for you and most for your customers as well.


Robotic process automation simply mimics human interaction, while it is nothing groundbreaking! It can break new grounds for you if implemented correctly.  They are simple programs that are deployed on a cloud or a desktop. They are useful for repetitive tasks such as asking and intaking basic information, basically a digital customer service executive. Every robotic process automation is tailor-made for different industries and different requirements of your customer. These digital customer service executives can be integrated into different channels from applications, emails to social media channels as well. Your digital customer service executive cannot solve complex customer queries, instead, they assist in the process of solving problems. From deflecting, escalating, and taking inputs, they help the physical workforce to quickly identify the problems for a quick resolution. 

How can we help?

We can help your organization to help save time on resolving issues, increase customer satisfaction, reduce costs associated with customer service, and more. We are one of the best robotic process automation companies around when it comes to automating the customer service process. Get an agile solution that learns from previous interactions.  A solution that can scale up or down according to traffic. 



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