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How companies using Golang outperform in their projects?

Many argue that the programming language is relatively new compared to other languages. But, within a short span of time, it has gained great momentum. Many companies using Golang witness more benefits. They use Go as a core language for creating web products.

A little about its birth

Go language is not Golang actually, it is Gopher according to its Google founders. Robert Griesemer, Pike and Kenneth Lane Thompson were the founders of Go. Since then, the language has found a great place in mobile app development.

Why is so special?

Go language according to founders underlines a simple philosophy; a solution for all the problems. As their approach, companies using Golang found this to be a comprehensive and intuitive solution. At first, Go has been built as a personal programming language that has taken all the advantageous attributes of other languages and yet more comprehensive. Golang offer high productivity while getting along with the following

  • Multicore processors
  • Large codebase
  • Networked hardware

It has borrowed static typing from C and C++ and share usability similarity with Python and Javascript. Besides, show high performance with multiprocessing machines.

The implementation

Go language has got many applications as it is open source and free to use. You can use it for personal and professional front and contribute to language development. Distributed web application development is possible and easier with Go because it has got the best features.

  • Server-side programming language
  • Orchestration of complex network
  • Strong backend

With these features, you can easily process multiple requests and have relentless interaction. These can be achieved without high CPU overload.

As per the report by Go developer survey in 2019, the top applications of Go are

  • Web development
  • Databases
  • Networks
Companies using Golang successfully

The tech-savvy people on the development front is debating over the language’s works fronts.   Golang’s feasibility and winning features are utilized by famous companies and enterprises all over the world. BBC, Uber, Docker, Medium, Intel and Alibaba are some of the companies to name a few.

The notable thing is diverse industries are taking advantage of the language and experiencing the best outcomes

Go Advantages

The development of web products is simple, quality and reliable.

  • The best compiler

It has the fastest compiler and it is achieved with the conversion of programming language to machine level language. So, no interruption when the app launch. Likewise, it has powerful error checking capabilities to see the functioning of code before compilation.

  • Scalability

Scalability is desirable and Go promises that. Its specific features are great for scalability. Companies using Golang in India make use of the Groroutine built-in function on a device.

  • Cloud services and containerization

The Golang allows you to squeeze out all the benefits of cloud solution.

The applications of Go
  • Email sending platforms
  • Serverless web services
  • Notifications services
  • Microservice architecture
  • Streaming systems
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