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How GIS mapping solutions and mapping changed surveying?

Surveys are all part of acquiring information on a particular subject. Businesses, governments, individuals conduct surveys for a variety of purposes through diverse mediums. Nowadays, GIS mapping solutions also have a great role in shaping the way survey data is stored and retrieved.

The relevance of surveys for business

A survey is a research strategy employed by entities, governments, companies both in the private and public sector. They provide vital information and various insights about diverse topics. Private companies use surveys for getting vital information regarding customer’s preferences, buyer persona, and so on. Informed decisions, great development plans are some of the results of an efficient survey. So, it is vital to conduct surveys in a well-versed manner.

A good survey must depend upon technology such as software and database tools for efficiency. So that they can gather existing information, amass new information, analyze data, craft plans, run different projects, and deliver data that speak by the card.  Integrating GIS mapping solutions in your surveying can do that.

With GIS mapping solutions, you get all functionalities in one place. Managing, sharing, integrating, analyzing data from GIS  data is easier compared to other software.

GIS mapping solutions for survey

Using GIS technology, businesses can handle gathered and processed survey data in many ways. It employs a practical approach in analyzing data rather than a conceptual approach. The end result of the GIS data can resolve data integration problems from multiple data sources.

  • Efficiency and security

Surveying involves infrastructure, planning, data collection, and analysis. All can be effectively and safely executed in GIS. The data obtained from the survey is secure with a GIS application. Your data will have consistency and credibility. If any propagation of data changes happens, you can integrate among multiple data sources. This also covers easy syncing of data from GIS technology to another alongside real-time tracking features.

  • Helps in planning a survey

Tools and techniques required for research and planning can be fetched easily using GIS with regard to the project’s impact. It can help you plan for site location by accessing publicly available spatial data. Moreover, it is possible to merge survey projects into a single database. With more and more automated tasks, you can save a lot of time and use it for other aspects of the business.

  • Effective data collection

Effective data collection is attainable. The surveyor can view and edit data in one place. Collected data is always used to produce meaningful information systems. This can be easily prepared.

In short, introducing GIS into surveying has considerable benefits. Such survey data can be priceless considering its benefits.

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Being a GIS mapping solution provider in India, Brainfuel provides comprehensive GIS solutions for a diverse range of business requirements including surveys. We are one of the best providers of GIS mapping solutions in India helping diverse businesses across all sectors to take advantage of GIS technology. This is especially true in business surveys as collected data has great importance in making prompt decisions.




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