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How Java web development company uses JavaScript and NodeJs for web development?

Java web development company uses many programming languages for web development. JavaScript is one of the best programming languages after its first release by web developers across the world. It is used for web application development; particularly for client-side applications. 

Java web development 

Java web development company engages in the production of several web applications including server-side and client-side. The creation of dynamic web pages is easy with JavaScript. In dynamic web pages, users can interact very easily. Any web application developed by a Java web development company is used for accessing information from servers as well as interacting with clientele. Java, the programming language,  is known for its capability to develop profound web applications. The following are the prominent technologies used for JavaScripting languages:

  • Java Server pages
  • Servlet API
  • Java Persistence API
  • Java Server Faces

JavaScript and environments like NodeJs have been evolved after their first release. Major companies like Netflix, Uber and eBay use NodeJs for web development.

Robust and faster web development can be created with NodeJs. It provides better user experiences. NodeJs app development also offers great functionality and reliability. 

Some developers may find it difficult to differentiate between JavaScript and NodeJs.

These are some of the points between JavaScript and NodeJs. 

  • JavaScript is a simple programming language. It can be operated on any JavaScript engine. On the other hand, NodeJs is a JavaScript that runs based on Google’s V8 JavaScript environment. 
  • Considering utility, JavaScript is mainly used for the development of client-side web applications. These client-side web applications can be refreshed in specific periods. You can also make dynamic changes on websites without refreshing them every time. On the other hand, NodeJs is utilized for the on-blocking operation of the operating system. The on-blocking operation comprises creating shell scripts and getting access to specific details. With NodeJs, it is possible to execute special non-blocking tasks from any JavaScript programming language.
  • JavaScript follows a set of standards and the writing code differs in many respects. Java web development company also uses standard Java Programming language to write codes and it does not have any browser-specific limitations. You can run JavaScript in any browser such as Firefox, Safari and Google Chrome.  But, you need V8 engine based browsers. Likewise, NodeJs written in C++ requires Google chrome for running. 

In a nutshell, JavaScript is a widely known programming language for its reliability and it is popular for web application development.  NodeJs is just a runtime known for its scalability and efficiency. NodeJs is applied in different industries such as embedded systems, ERP, analytics and big data. 

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