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How to get started and why to use Golang

It is found that Golang programming language skills are one of the highly paid programming skills that we have today as per a survey conducted for golang web development services and results. There are already many existing programming languages. The increasing requirement of transforming to Golang language results in the demand for more developers with effective training in the advanced programming language. Though Go is still a new language for many, it is indeed becoming the ultimate option for development preferred by many major organizations. Go provides the golang web development team with the adequate tools that the language has got in itself. This is a major beneficial feature as you will be able to save a significant amount of time and money as there is no need for further app development and support. 

What is Golang

Golang also is known as Go is an open-sourced and advanced programming language that was created by Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer for Google. The syntax of Golang enables a golang web development team to safely and effectively manage objects, utilize memory, and provide static typing by maintaining proper concurrency.

Main advantages of Golang

One of the major advantages is that this popular programming language is simple to use and provides better productivity. Users will be able to enjoy an optimal level of code efficiency with Golang. Golang is considered as one of the best programming languages that provide better performance for business enterprises. Most of the corporate giants such as BBC, Facebook, and Apple have already switched to Golang. Read along to know more about the advantages of the widely preferred, simple to use, and advanced programming language.

Golang delivers the same performance level as C and much easier to maintain when compared to java. There is no need for a virtual machine or warming up period.


Go is a compiled language. Codes that are written within Golang gets compiled actively into a format that the processor can understand. On the contrary, languages such as java get compiled into bytecode. This action is done by a virtual machine. Golang assures enhanced reliability along with the availability of services as the language is proven to be faster when compared to Python and java.  

Easy to understand

Golang happens to be one of the most advanced programming languages with such simplicity. It is easy for the developers to study Go and carry out effective coding activities if they are proficient in Python or java. 

Golang is more stable and concurrent 

Go has got functionalities that utilizes only a minimal of 2kb memory. The basic tasks run independently and all at the same time. This feature enables the developers if required, to make multiple processes. Java threads use a large amount of memory whereas Goroutines requires only minimal RAM. This significantly reduces the risk of a system crash due to insufficient memory. Furthermore, you will be able to enjoy Golang based apps on older devices as the programming language requires only minimal system requirements. 

Golang provides better support

You can automatically generate documentation from the codes with GoDoc. There is an added feature known as cross-referencing. GoMetalLinter is another tool that enables developers for analysing their codes in a detailed and faster way. The golang web development team can also create LR parsers for making better analysis.  

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