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How to select a technology stack for developing e-learning applications?

There are many technology stacks are available in the market to create e-learning solutions. Education app development company also uses the best technology stack to develop stunning educational apps for students as well as tutors. They understand a mere application development cannot win the hearts of users. The application needs to excel in every part such as layout, user interface and feature-richness. If you are a business owner, you not only need to satisfy your target but also your stakeholders. So, the selection of technology is very important for your e-learning solution. With the help of an adept education app development company, you can too own a reliable web application.

Factors affect the selection of technology stack


  • Understand your scope of the e-learning application


Before determining the stack of technologies, it is important to understand what you expect from an e-learning solution. You must have a crystal clear idea about the features to be included, the size of the application and the targeted end-user. If your dream is getting a small-scale application, educational app development company needs to use very different tools and technologies compared to scalable projects.


  • Scalable yet secure solutions


The educational app development company you appoint consider the level of security and scalability you expect from your e-learning solution. Remember, the credentials entered must be secure. So, security and scalability in online learning app matters like never before. Every language and framework is not safe to use when it comes to security and scalability.  To hinder security vulnerabilities, you need to meticulously choose the technology stack.


  • The cost of your application


The cost of your application needs to be determined. The budget affects how an educational app development company select technology to develop your application. Like the cost of e-learning applications, the time involved in application development also matters. Many frameworks are available in subscription models and you can avail yourself the best as per the suggestions of experts. 

The era of technology forces the young generation to look out for e-learning solutions along with offline learning. Many students and teachers prefer online learning modes of different types during the pandemic to avoid further stressed feelings. There are mainly three kinds of e-learning solutions available:


  • M-learning


In M-learning mobile phone is used to access learning materials often using an application. The content can be accessed through an application as long as it is connected to the internet. 


  • Virtual classrooms 


They are basically an environment where students coil collectively learn things. It’s a collaborative learning environment where students and teachers interact and engage in discussions. Everything is conducted using video conferencing. 


  • Learning management system


As the name suggests, it is all about training strategies for an online learning environment. 

A meticulous understanding of your vision of e-learning solutions can help you select the right technology for your application. 

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