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Introducing Golang to Python developers

Go or Golang is indeed one of the rapidly growing and most preferred computer programming languages that we have today. The “C –like” programming language invented by the top tech company Google is the most preferred language for developers. As per a recent survey conducted by HackerEarth among 16,655 developers, almost over 32% of them mentioned Golang as their most favorite programming language. There is a great demand now for Golang developers since Go is still a new programming language and yet to become the mainstream. The following facts mentioned below will tell you why Golang has become so famous among developers.

Easy to understand

The latest programming language is simple and it is this simplicity of Golang that contributes to its widespread popularity among developers. Just like Python, the syntax is simple and is mainly designed with easy and smooth accessibility. 

Created by the pioneers

Go was created by Ken Thompson, Rob Pike, and Robert Griesemer who are considered as the veterans of modern computer science. It is interesting to know that Ken Thompson was among the team of developers who created the Unix operating system. He is also the brain behind the B programming language which was the predecessor to the C language.

Modern skills  

Fortunately, Golang got invented in these times where computing has such a widely distributed prominence in all facets of our life. The compatibility of this modern computer language with cloud technology, its support for parallelism and concurrency along with the prospects for tremendous scalability makes it the best asset that is in perfect sync with new-age technology.


The difference between Python and Golang is that Golang compiles with machine code and therefore it is super-fast. Due to this very reason, Golang outshines Python in a very significant way.

Usage of Golang language

Go is used for writing DevOps, Docker, and Kubernetes. Due to the native concurrency, a golang development company use Go to create microservices, web servers, and APIs. The speed, simplicity, and safety of the memory are the major attributes that make a golang development company suggest Go to its clients. Several business houses now use Go to rewrite their existing infrastructure. 


Tooling is another aspect of why a golang development company wants its clients to use Go for writing their infrastructure. Go only requires smaller dependency and these features make this language perfect for writing utilities and tools. 


Every golang development company out there knows that Go is rapidly turning out to be the most preferred choice for the domain since the blockchain technology is in the budding stage.

Data Science and data engineering 

Though Python is still widely used for data science and data engineering, it won’t be much till we see a golang development company make use of the optimal potentialities of this futuristic programming language for the same and introduce it to their target clients. 


Functions play a significant part in structure logic in Golang due to the absence of classes. Function is the piece of code that can be reused for performing a single task.  

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