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OS application development
IOS application development

IOS Application development trends to look out for in 2022

The demand for IOS applications in mobile application development is huge as the number of iPhone users is increasing year by year. As per the expert’s prediction, the revenue earned from these applications will be around 875 Billion dollars by the end of 2023. The IOS application development companies need to stay aware of the trends to stay ahead of their competitors. These trends help the development teams on what to focus on which is beneficial for the business and individual growth as well. To develop quality and secured IOS applications this post helps a developer as we focus on those important trends in detail.


Key IOS Application trends



  • Swift 5



A powerful and simple programming language to develop high-quality and secured IOS applications. Developers enjoy coding as Swift code is fun and has simple and easy syntax. One major advantage for developers using swift language is its modern features which produce secured software with the latest updates. To begin as an IOS app developer Swift 5 is the perfect language, to begin with. IOS application development is smooth and faster with this programming language as most of the apps in the App store are developed using Swift.



  • Augmented Reality



This is one of the important and top-prioritized trends in IOS application development. It is a trending technology in software development as it is compatible with any device like mobile. It enables the user to view things virtually and can have a great experience. Through Augmented Reality, one can create an imaginary world which can be experienced through phones. By using AR in IOS applications like games, fashion etc. the demand increases as users enjoy the experience. IKEA used AR in IOS development to attract more customers by giving a virtual experience of their accessories. AR can bring freshness and new experiences to IOS Applications.



  • App Clips:



Can we use an application even without downloading it from the app store? The answer is yes and this is possible through App Clips which is one of the modern IOS application trends. This is useful when a user wants to use an application for a temporary period as it saves time and memory required for downloading the application. One can use an Ios application just by scanning the QR code or using the app link. The major use cases of App Clips are at restaurants, hotels etc. This is an innovation in IOS application development. By using this trend you can go ahead of your competitors. 



  • Security



For an Ios app developer, the most important feature to focus on while developing IOS applications is security. Application success is decided based on its security features as it can place on top of the list or at the bottom. Ios is known for its privacy in the market and this is one of the top reasons for its brand success. Over the past few years due to the increase in the usage of the internet threats have also increased. To avoid these threats companies should focus on security as part of their IOS application development lifecycle.



  • iBeacon Technology



This technology devised by Apple is a Bluetooth energy level that enables the IOS mobile applications to share information within short distances. It created a revolution in location applications as it helps to track your location when the GPS or wifi fails to do it. Location services are important to Ios devices for various devices and iBeacon technology will provide accurate location 24/7. This will excite the IOS application development team as this technology is the future. Devices using this technology can run for two years on a single battery which is an added advantage. No Ios developer can neglect this technology. 



  • Rise of 5G technology



Any IOS application to have a long life, they have to be compatible with 5g technology. If not, the application’s value decreases which can affect the business of any company or organization. With this 5g network in demand and going to be in use for a longer period, the use of smartphones will increase. This leads to the need for more powerful, strong and sharp IOS applications. This technology is a boon for IOS application development. Every company should be ready before everyone uses this technology instead of the 4G network. 


Apart from the above trends mentioned, there are other trends an IOS application development team can focus on. They are Machine learning, IoT, smart wearable devices, Cloud storage development, chatbots etc. Focusing on these trends and choosing them wisely can help a business to reach its goals and gain more profits.


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