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Is Python better or Php for web development in 2022?

For any business web application, the most complicated and important task is backend development for a modern web development industry. Especially in the current year 2022, the demand for backend developers is increasing as companies are looking for developers who are experienced and familiar with backend programming languages like PHP, Python, Javascript, etc. for connecting to the server. Due to the presence of many popular languages, developers often get confused about which is the perfect backend programming language for web development. So, in order to assist many developers, we will focus on two important and popular backend languages, Python and PHP, in 2022.By the end of this article, you will have a clear idea of which one to choose: Python web development or PHP web development.


Before we go into a detailed comparison, let us talk about the top features of both programming languages.


PHP language:

A server-side scripting language and open-source language, which is used for developing dynamic and interactive web pages. It is properly used for creating dynamic XML documents, a key part of server-side scripting and an important component of web development.


Top Features:


  1. This language is very easy to learn.
  2. Access to over 20 database connections allows for strong database integration.
  3. The speed is faster.
  4. uses Codeigniter, Zend, etc. for an effective and easy web development process.
  5. It uses the XDebug package for debugging the code to identify any errors found or not.


Python language:


The most popular language across the globe, which has created an impact on the web development industry, is It is a high-level interpreting and object-oriented language. Python can support huge libraries, which help developers to build stand-alone applications and their frameworks. These features make developers prefer Python web development as the platform to build effective web applications.


Top Features:


  1. It is the most preferred language for developers who are new to the development industry as it is easy to learn, mainly because of its simple syntax structure.
  2. It uses popular frameworks like Django, Flask, Pylons, etc.
  3. It uses PDB(Python Debugger), which helps developers to identify bugs and improve the code quality.
  4. It integrates with Java, C, etc.
  5. portable language and can be executed on large platforms using a single interface.
  6. Python is ideal for web development because of its automatic garbage collection feature.


PHP vs Python Comparison in detail:


It is very difficult to say which language is perfect over another one, as each language has pros and cons, but this detailed comparison between PHP and Python gives you the clarity to make the best decision while developing web applications for your business.



  • Frameworks:


Python has a smaller number of frameworks when compared to PHP, but developers prefer Python frameworks for web development in the current era. Django, a Python framework, is the most popular framework for web development. In PHP, the most used framework is Slim. Due to the popularity and demand for Python in 2022, it has an edge over PHP in framework usage.


  • Performance and Speed:

Application performance is very critical in the development process. Companies always prefer that language, which helps developers build apps quickly, which gives them ample time to focus on other key areas of web development. In comparison, Python performance is better than PHP because of the Just-in-time(Jit) compiler. In terms of speed, PHP wins by a huge margin over Python. This affects Python web development a bit, and experts are working on it to improve its speed.



  • Community support:


For an effective web development process, community support is a must. Without strong community support, developers face issues while fixing bugs, as bugs are a continuous struggle. But developers who use Python or PHP are in safe hands as they both have strong community support that will guide you to fix bugs at the earliest.


  • Security system:

Web development’s toughest challenge is to find ways to implement a strong security system for protecting web applications from cyber threats. In comparison, Python wins over PHP in this feature. The reason behind this is that Python frameworks like Django and Flask have in-built security features that help in building a strong security system. Most developers use Python web development companies to implement strong security measures as business applications will never compromise on this feature.



  • Popularity, cost and documentation factors:


In terms of popularity, Python wins by a huge margin over PHP because of its demand in the digital era. In terms of cost (average salary), for a senior Python developer, it ranges from 60-80 dollars, whereas for a senior PHP developer, it ranges from 40-50 dollars. Even in the current era, a junior Python developer earns more than a junior PHP developer. reason. Documentation is essential as it helps to learn language fundamentals and concepts effectively. Both PHP and Python documentation are excellent as it is the first point of contact for developers when they face any issue.



  • Scalability factor:


Application scalability is very important as it helps businesses earn more revenue. In the digital era where businesses are opting for the latest technologies like AI, ML, etc. for customer success, Python wins over PHP as it makes applications more reliable and improves their scalability.



It is very difficult to come to a conclusion about which is better, as both languages are good choices for web development. But Python web development is preferable over PHP in 2022. The demand for this language will grow even more in the coming years, and job opportunities will also increase by 40% more than the current rate.


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