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Java Development

Key points to remember for Java developers in 2021

Despite the arrival of many programming languages, JavaScript is still used as a core architecture for building web applications. Java app development companies are sprouting up and are helping many organizations worldwide. Evolution is common in the software industry and the changes are common. A brand new program or language can outperform popular language in a flick of time. For this reason, Java app development company looking for people with an updated skill set.

Java app development companies hire developers of veteran knowledge to make a great difference in their endeavors. So, exactly what is Javascript?  James Gosling developed this object-oriented language. It can run on any platform, that is Write on One platform Run on Many(WORM language).  with fewer dependencies. The latest version is Java 17. It offers enormous simplicity and great potential for developers, formerly it was the language for WWW and intranet

Guidelines for a newbie Java developer

Getting started with a career in a Java web development company never happens overnight. Software developers are fond of Java as a programming language. It offers many features and many cloud-based applications still rely on it for their architecture. To be ahead of the competitive curve. You need skills and these basics are a must.

  • Knowledge about core Java
  • Desktop application development
  • GOF or Design patterns
  • Knowledge on Databases
  • Testing skillset
  • Data structures and algorithms

Without adept knowledge of basics, you can not write code nor a program. After having hands-on experience, you must dive into the next step. 

Advanced Level Java

Mastering advanced level Java is necessary for coming up with successful programs. A Java web development company needs to provide real-world practical and handy solutions for end-users. 

  • JSP and Servlets
  • JPA (The Java Persistence API)
  • JAX- RS
  • JAX- WS
  • Hibernate Framework
  • Spring Framework
  • SpringBoot
  • Microservices

These are the tools for Java development

Java web development company in India is keen to provide the best Java web development services using these tools. 

  1. Apache Maven
  2. Gradle
  3. Git 
  4. Jenkins
  5. Eclipse
  6. Docker 
  7. AWS
  8. Kubernetes
  9. JIRA
  10. SVN
Real-world applications of Java

These are the necessary tools in developing a comprehensive software or application. The real-world application of Java programs is increasing amidst the arrival of other languages. 

Java is used to make software applications as well as mobile applications. Mobile applications can be built for iOs and Android. Likewise, applications of Java are used in the cyber world. For example, a web server application named Apache Tomcat is still relevant. 

About us

Brainfuel is a Java web development company in India that helps many firms develop software and mobile applications. Our team members are passionate about technology and especially Java development. So, the solutions we provide excellence in quality and efficiency. We are good at deciphering your demands and developing an application of top-notch standards. We are one of the leading Java development companies in India offering quality enterprise Java development services to a diasporic clientele. 



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