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Most popular Python web application frameworks in 2022

Python is the most popular language in the world. This language is known for its tools and frameworks which help in making developers’ lives easy. Developing a web application requires a lot of coding, time and patience. Sometimes developers find it difficult to complete a quality web application. To eliminate huge lines of code and to support web development the python framework is used. It saves time and money as developers can use the components of a framework. Developers need to know the popular python web application frameworks which help in improving the website performance. Across our nation companies, and startups use python app development services to get the best possible results in python projects. 


If your company or startup is not aware of these frameworks it might cause problems which can impact the web application performance. If you are looking for those popular frameworks then you are at the right place. Let us look at the frameworks in detail.


Popular web application frameworks:





It is a free, open and one of the most used python web application frameworks. It is a high-level web application python framework. Helps developers in developing quick websites and apps.


Key features of this framework:

  1. Developers can complete a quality web application from scratch to the end within a few span hours approximately three to four hours. 
  2. It has a strong security feature.
  3. It has a powerful URL system which helps developers to define the pattern of URLs required for a web application.
  4. It has a strong authentication feature where username and password are safe.


To get accurate results with a minimum investment of time and money you have to use this application framework for sure. If you have any doubts while using this framework feel free to contact python app development services. 



An old and popular object-oriented framework in python. It is a stable web application framework. This can be used for the quick development of web applications.


Key features of this framework:


  1. It has built-in tools for encoding, sessions, authentication etc.
  2. It has a powerful configuration system which helps developers a lot.
  3. It has its testing support feature.
  4. Can run on multiple HTTP ports easily.
  5. It has a dependent HTTP/1.1-compliant, WSGI thread-pooled webserver.



One of the fast-growing popular web application frameworks. It is compatible with Python 3.8 or 3.9. Developers can easily build easy and complicated web applications with minimum effort and approach.


Key features of this framework:

  1. URL mapping through route generation using URL generator.
  2. Compatible with single file applications and large web applications.
  3.  Strong and flexible approval system and authentication system.
  4. The HTML structure is validated and generated automatically.
  5. Lightweight web application framework.


It will be a great challenge for developers to understand the framework in quick time and work on it if they are running out of deadlines. At that time companies use the expertise of Python app development services to complete the project before the delivery date.



This application framework has an editor, debugging tool and deployment tool which helps developers to test, build and debug the web application. This is a full stack and cross-platform web application framework written in Python.


Key features of this framework:

  1. Developers can build web applications without the use of additional resources as this framework comes with batteries which take care of the activities.
  2. Strong secure web applications are built by using this framework as the security vulnerabilities are resolved.
  3. MVC architecture is supported in this framework.
  4. SQL is written dynamically with the help of an inbuilt Database Abstraction layer in this framework.




Best web application framework for building small or micro web applications. This framework is the lightest and dependent only on Python language libraries. This makes developers work quicker than any other framework.


Key features of this framework:

  1. It is compatible with python 3.6 and above versions.
  2. It has an inbuilt HTTP development server.
  3. It has a rapid and pythonic built-in template engine.
  4. Easy access for activities like file uploads, cookies, data etc.


Apart from the above-mentioned web application frameworks, there are other frameworks like Flask, Grok, TurboGear etc. to achieve better results in web application development. Small scale businesses especially those who are from non-technical backgrounds require professional guidance from Python app development services to choose the right framework for their web application.



A web application is very vital for a company as it is the point of contact for their customers or users to know more about their business in detail. If the user has a bad experience while surfing on their website then it is a loss to the company as it can affect their business operations. So it is advisable to seek help from Python app development services as their experts and experienced python team will guide you from start to end in building a dynamic website which guarantees growth rate in their business.


About Us:

Brain Fuel provides the best and top-quality python app development services to clients. Our experts in this industry help to resolve any kind of issue to ensure the smooth functioning of business web applications. Even in emergency situations, we are there to help in resolving the issues. One can contact us via call, email or instant message service. Most of the top companies use the services in building quality web applications to stand ahead of their competitors in the market.




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