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Observing changes in our ecosystem with GIS Remote Sensing Services

Customized environmental solutions are now provided with the help of the latest GIS Remote Sensing Services and earth observation technologies. You can use these innovative technologies to identify, quantify and document the changes happening in our ecosystem. Constant monitoring of our habitat conditions and the changes in usage of the topography is an essential part of proper natural resource management. Nowadays we have renowned organizations that are well versed in GIS Remote Sensing Services and that can provide us with processed geospatial data based on several environmental parameters that enable us to manage our natural resources in the most responsible way.  Read on to know more about the various aspects involved with GIS Remote Sensing Services and how it can help us to watch and learn the changes in our ecosystem. 

Land cover mapping

Both land cover and land use classifications are vital to assess the latest trends and status of the usage of land in administrative territories or units of protected regions. We can see that land-use change is a key driver for changes in the environment and has substantial impacts on both quality of our life and the ecosystems. Therefore frequent and time-based inspection of land-use change is definitely one of the major tasks of satellite-based GIS Remote Sensing Services.  There are organizations that can provide you state-of-the-art information tools and enables you to take data-driven decisions that you can use for optimal land use planning activities. 

Climate and land-use changes

Our climatic conditions can get greatly impacted by both land use as well as land-use changes. Soil and vegetation act as the carbon sink that stores carbon dioxide which gets absorbed through photosynthesis. Usually, when the whole green cover of the thick vegetation is ignited with wildfire, the stored carbon dioxide gets emitted into the atmosphere. Carbon dioxide contributes heavily to the devastating phenomenon known as global warming. 

Global, continental, and local

With advanced GIS Remote Sensing Services and high-resolution earth observation data, we are able to fetch all precise information regarding climatic changes on a global scale. This continuous observation that is possible with GIS Remote Sensing Services enables us to extract local, continental and global analyses of impacts in climatic changes. This further gives us the capability of making accurate predictions regarding climatic changes such as carbon dioxide emissions, changes or shortage of water availability, and droughts. 

Water availability and its dynamics

With the help of high-resolution satellite data, we can monitor water availability in various reservoirs. This enables us to properly map the frequency of the weekly changes in the surface water level and its dynamics.  

Making phenology more visible

The new league of advanced satellite constellations provides denser image time series. You can use this facility for investigating the phenology of crops and plants for deriving the main indicators for seasonality. By rightly tracking the phenology of the crops and plants, we will get a better understanding of all the natural processes involved and their interactions. 

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