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In many cases outsourcing tasks or services can be a cost-effective and efficient way to build a business centre brand and develop the reputation. But it’s essential to undergo proper research and select your outsourcing partner carefully to ensure that the legacy they leave is remembered for all the right reasons.

In this recent article at 76DE Technologies (76DE) we suggested that outsourcing content marketing requirements could help business centre operators to grow and develop their brand. Outsourcing certain tasks can indeed help an organization to free up the employees time and leave them to get on with developing your business line with their own specific skills or talents. This process can be cost-effective and efficient, as you only pay for what you need, and you can recruit niche talent too. However, there are potential pitfalls to consider when outsourcing. What if the result is of a poor quality? How do you find someone that understands your business? Do they have the necessary skills or qualifications?

Outsourcing is complex. From learning the ropes how to outsource, looking for the right solution and to finding the best one out of the multitude of solutions vendor courting your business are all daunting tasks. Hence, you will need to give your head and heart in your search for the right outsourcing company. The selection must be strategically fit with your present and future road to success that will benefit your customers as well.

Choosing the right outsourcing company or individual could reap rewards for your business – but like any recruitment process, it’s a decision that could have a lasting impact on your brand, and should be approached with the same due care and attention.

Here are some considerations that you can take to ensure the right decision in selecting your outsourcing company partner.

1.  Validate Your needs

The first and foremost step is identifying whether or not it is outsourcing that you need. According to many of our clients this is a  tricky question but if you are sure about the tasks and processes you need to be outsourced, you are in the right direction.

Go ahead define your needs and then digging the specifics for each of the business functions that you want outsourced.

At 76DE upon starting talks with vendors/clients, a detailed analysis is run to let us know how they want the business functions done, what they expect to see when the results are submitted, how much their budget and the amount they are willing pay, as well as turnover time and all other important details of their outsourcing agreement.

2. Detailed Research on the outsourcing partner

Following the first step is coming up with your list of functions to outsource. Having this step taken will help you cut short the chase in finding out the prospective outsourcing providers quickly and wasting valuable time of vendors who cannot offer what you need in the exact same way you need them. Around this stage you should be able to short list 4-5 vendor candidates. This is also the stage when you should already be speaking and asking questions directly to executives and not merely salespeople from the firm.

3. Request for Information (RFI)

When working with Federal Government entities and Enterprises our sales team at 76DE usually come across a RFI process which in return helps us to understand the needs of our client. This is something even SMEs and start ups should cater as a initial step for outsourcing.

Organize a special team who will conduct the evaluation of the outsourcing company and then let this team represent your company during negotiation. Once you have selected three or four solutions providers, prepare a plan for RFI.

An RFI is a standard procedure that client firms request from the outsourcing company to gather basic and essential information. The client company determines out of the RFI the feasibility of pursuing the outsourcing investment with the solutions provider.

4. Developing a detailed Request for Proposal

Remember that the RFI must complement your RFP or request for proposal, which is a document that exhaustively list the details of your company objectives, profiles of providers, employee information, vendor approach and approaches to work, and their infrastructure to ensure the successful implementation of the outsourcing agreement.

What you have in your RFI comprises the segments relative to solving the client partner’s needs. Only after your shortlisted outsourcing providers have submitted the RFP, you can begin you evaluation.

5.  Determining the right partner

Now, you have all important and essential information in your hands, go ahead and make your decision. Choose the outsourcing company that comes closely compatible with your outsourcing objectives. Its also important to sign a contract and freeze the terms. As the client company, keep in mind that the success of your partnership with the right outsourcing company hinges on the successful implementation of your outsourcing project without problems.

Communication is the key in success of every outsourced project. Communicate well with all the parties involved in ensuring the successful transition of such outsourcing arrangement. Internal staff may initially feel threatened by the participation of a third party so they must be well-informed that this is a decision that needs their support and cooperation for the integration to materialize successfully.


There is no simple and short-cut rule how to outsource your business functions with a third party vendor. Reaping success out of your outsourcing journey does not depend on your investment budget. One critical factor is getting the right solutions provider to perform the tasks and work for you.

Follow the steps mentioned above to help you find the right outsourcing company and follow through until the achievement of your outsourcing objectives.

In past decade 76DE along with 39DN has worked on more than 200+ outsourced projects. From which very few clients have moved on with a different service provider. Our focus has always remained to provide the fullest to our customers and build up a long term business relationship.

Our physical presence in Bloomington, Indiana helps us achieve it to the fullest. Even after 10 years of building confidence in the minds of our clients we strive to create a better partnering experience for our customers worldwide.

Our team has learned from our mistakes and are still learning more to achieve our target to be the most preferable outsourcing destination for our customers.



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