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Productivity Hacks that Actually Works

There are only 24 hours in the day, so making sure to use most of the time is crucial. It is work smarter than to work harder because the work we do is becoming non-procedural. Productivity at work isn’t rocket science nor it is easy, but it does require planning to get there. In this post, we ponder over some points

Track and limit time

It is important that we do not get bogged in a single project, limit your time on each project. Time needs to be divided according to the priority of the projects, most of the professionals get too involved in a single project which makes the whole day unproductive especially if the project seems to go south.

Regular breaks

Nothing freshens up the mind like a walk, this improves concentration and creative ideas rushes in. While this may sound counter intuitive, this is one of the best ways improve productivity.

Stand up meetings

The meeting can range from boring to tedious, mostly because nothing seems to come out of meetings. Just say no or the next best thing is to have the meeting while standing up, studies have shown that this form of meeting results in increased group involvement, decreased hostility, and improved group performance.


Nothing in this world is perfect, so it should pretty obvious that chasing perfection is a fool’s errand. This point quite similar to first one, but this is more towards chasing perfection which leads to unproductive behavior also known as being adamant.


This may seem the most out of box thought, it has been proven by science just looking at nature boosts creativity and relieves stress. So it is the time change the superhero wallpaper into something more greeny and nature(y). It is not like there is nothing in nature which is not beautiful to look at.



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