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Robotic Process Automation

Real case studies that reveals the importance of RPA in auto finance

Major asset management organizations have shown that advanced robotic process automation solutions can improve businesses very significantly. The need to perform mundane manual tasks will soon become a thing of the past. There are several professional robotic process automation providers out there who are continuously working hard to invent state-of-the-art rpa tools and strategies that can enable us to lead a better life. The aspects mentioned below will give you a better vision of the significance of robotic process automation in auto finance and other sectors. 

Major benefits of rpa

The robotic process automation providers know very well how to use advanced rpa solutions for simplifying tasks and saving time. All robotic process automation providers strive to create better and innovative rpa tools and strategies. These tools and strategies free the human workforce of an organization from wasting their time and effort doing repetitive and unnecessary manual tasks. On the other hand, the employees can use their time and energy to focus more on new business ideas and the best possible methods to make it happen. This will help to garner more happy customers and improve the brand value of an organization. 

Many prominent industry leaders shared their thoughts about how advanced and customized rpa solutions from eminent robotic process automation providers can transform business organizations in a very noteworthy manner. The industry leaders spoke about the vast possibilities and scope of rpa during the online seminar conducted for the International asset finance network. The online seminar was endorsed by VIP Apps Consulting. 

Gavin Dowding who is the technology head for Propel Finance stated that rpa enables the automation of digital touch points that enables customers to get their tasks done in an automated manner. He was also in the opinion that robotic process automation is something that equipment finance companies must also try and get adapted to enjoy the vast benefits of work automation. 

It was during this seminar, that almost hundreds of the online delegates came to know how advanced rpa solutions helped Volkswagen Financial Services effectively managing an uncontrollable amount of customer queries that got piled up during the peak of the pandemic. 

Adam Goodacre, the rpa development manager at Volkswagen Financial Services said that the phone was continuously ringing and the main challenge was to fix the problems rather than trying to answer the continuously ringing phones. There was no other option but to rely on robotic process automation to tackle the issue. They had to focus first on the fleet areas as well as the customer operations to minimize the high volume of incoming customer calls. “All thanks to the wonderful and advanced robotic process automation technology, we were able to resolve the problem at the earliest,” said Adam Goodacre. 

The panelist Mr. Daypesh Patel who is the managing director for VIP Apps consulting said that robotic process automation is just a single solution option that is a part of the large working system. He added that, when we combine other technologies like artificial intelligence and machine learning, the possibilities and advantages of rpa will get amplified in a very considerable manner. 

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