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Data scraping

Remarkable data scraping tools to use in 2022

Most of the information available on the internet is arranged as web pages. All this information is created for the human reader. Data scraping services are nowadays gradually emerging into the mainstream as many businesses require more diverse data to carry out business in a reliable manner. 

Data scraping services are also known as data mining or data extraction. It is not illegal but has to be fetched in a systematic manner to get the most out of it. Data scraping tools and softwares are used to extract data from web pages. The web pages available on the internet are different and many need the expertise of data scraping services. Generally, robotic scripts are used to crawl the internet. It’s a powerful tool to get more insights using voluminous data. 

Data scraping tools

Data scraping tools are used to extract data in the simplest manner. It is true that it requires time and effort. Data scraping services categorize tools based on their ease of use, price and features.

  • Scrape.do

Scrape.do is a powerful data scraping tool used to extract large chunks of data. It is easier to scale and a cost-effective solution for data scraping. 

  • Scraping.dog

Scraping.dog is adept at handling captchas, proxies and browsers. It has LinkedIn API available and can extract data in the form of HTML pages. 

  • AvesAPI

AvesAPI is particularly used for SEO purposes and a handy tool for digital marketing strategists. Using this tool, scraping structured data is a piece of cake. Its specificness is the best feature and can be used to extract millions of keywords all at once. 

  • ParseHub

ParseHub is a free tool used to extract data from web pages and it is available in a desktop app. Data scraping services use ParseHub to extract all kinds of images, texts, CSV and JSON files.

  • DiffBot

DiffBot is a renowned content extractor and is used to extract data such as images, texts, discussions, videos and so on. Structured search is possible in DiffBot. 

  • OctoParse

OctoParse is also a great data extraction tool that anyone can use as it is free from coding. It is preferred by developers who are looking for an easy interface to extract data from web pages. 

  • ScrapingBee

ScrapingBee is a data extraction tool that works best when you use the latest chrome data extraction tool. 

  • BrightData

Brightdata is also one of the best publically available web scraper tools used by many companies; especially small businesses. You can collect bespoke information easily with BrightData

  • Scraper API

Ip rotation,  customizable headers, JavaScript rendering are the important features of Scraper API. 

  • Import.io

Import.io helps data scrapers to form their own datasets by importing data. It is also a cost-efficient tool and is loved by companies despite the size.  

About us 

Brainfuel is a distinguished provider of data scraping services in India that delivers reliable and trustworthy data scraping services. Our team is well versed in novel data scraping technologies. Being the best provider of data scraping services in India, we bring forth best practices and tools to scrape data for your business.




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