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Retailers and their need for location intelligence

It’s been some time that Location Intelligence (LI) solutions is creating a buzz in the retail industry. The increase in the usage of IoT devices and smartphones has further augmented the widespread use of LI among retailers. You can see the growing dependency of LI in the retail sector through numerous applications and mediums such as retail site selection, targeted advertising, and customer demographics. LI can be described as the capability of drawing business with the usage of specific location data. A credible research report published by a leading corporate company reveals that almost 80% of the important information maintained by different business organizations has got an important location component to it. GIS-based tools along with gis mapping solutions can help you to draw valuable insights from the demographic data that clearly exposes the connection between people and location. 

The footfall analysis 

The foot traffic is also known as the footfall is considered as the number or amount of visitors to a particular website. Both the brick-and-mortar stores and the leading E-commerce brands can gain proper insights regarding their customers by doing the footfall analysis. Footfall analysis mainly works on the basic principle of evaluating the foot counts that enters a particular store. You can also take few facets into accounts such as time spent in the store, the conversion rate from the time of entry to purchase, and the clusters. You can compare these valuable insights with your competitors to gain an edge over them in the tough business market. You can easily analyze your competitor’s footfall with the help of advanced gis mapping solutions and mainly mobile location data. You can also verify detected visits which actually may not be that accurate but still can provide you an overview. There are numerous professional companies out there that can provide you with high-end gis mapping solutions and services to derive foot-traffic data.  

IoT, indoor mapping, and gis mapping solutions 

Internet of things devices are also known as IoT devices enable you to monitor, collect and disseminate information. You can consider IoTs as the hardware that enables you to collect valid footfall data and mobile location data. You can also avail the services of effective gis mapping solutions to make correct foot traffic analysis. The IoT sensors help you to track customer data and sends push notifications that are based on the proximity and location of the devices. You can see that this IoTs works perfectly with geo fencing solutions. This enables you to successfully create a virtual boundary with the help of advanced gis mapping solutions and RFID technology. You can also send IoT-enabled push notifications so that passers will get attracted to and visit a retail store that is nearby to them. RFID and gis mapping solutions help various brands in tracking their own inventory for various items throughout the entire delivery procedures. Many major leading brands provide their customers with the provision to scan QR codes on the tags of various products for knowing more and for self-checkout.  

As technology keeps on evolving we can see that the retail sector is changing accordingly. With more new trends and technologies in the pipeline, the retail industry is expected to continue its boom. 

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