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Companies Using Golang

The Best IDE Tools for Companies Using Golang

Go is a programming language developed by Google in 2007. After its release, the language has evolved in many respects. Now, it is one of the most preferred languages around the world. The comprehensive and extensive IDE tools of the Go make it an ideal choice for developing mobile applications. Companies using Golang are much satisfied with its winning benefits. The language is very popular among developers and let us have a close look at its IDE tools.


IDE tools used by companies using Golang

Companies using Golang see it as the best language for developing mobile applications. It is easy to learn, scale, deploy and competitive. Apart from developing mobile applications, it aids developers to come up with dependable and proficient software. 



  • Visual Studiocode


Visual Studiocode is a full-fledged IDE and code editor that extensively companies using Golang are familiar with. It supports many programming languages and Golang is one among them. The IDE framework has got extensive support from its community. 


  • LiteIDE


Companies using Golang often prefer LiteIDE as the anime implies light and simple IDE that supports many operating systems such as Mac, Windows and Linux. It contains many useful features and is one of the best IDE used by developers.


  • Goland


Goland is an IDE that is top-notch and commercially feasible. Fast navigation, tabbed interface are some of the prominent features of Goland. Since it is a commercial IDE, the environment it provides is robust and innovative.


  • Wide


Companies using Golang also use web-based IDEs and wide is one of the best among them. Wide is particularly useful for companies that make use of Golang for web development activities. 


  • Vim


Just like any other open-source IDE, Vim is also an excellent choice for Golang developers. They can use diverse plugins to configure applications. Vim’s Go definition feature is a stunning feature. 


  • Komodo


Komodo is an IDE that generally supports a plethora of programming languages including Golang. It is very easy to manage and supports intelligent code completion. If a Golang development team needs to coordinate and collaborate simultaneously, Komodo IDE is the best choice. 


  • Intellij IDEA


Intellij IDEA employs a rapid indexing method that offers suggestions for ODE and contextual hints. Its ubiquitous features make it more suitable for intricate Golang development solutions. 

We have seen the most important Golang IDE tools for Golang development. Just like IDE frameworks, Go also has got many development tools. Some of them are listed below:

  • Go Vendor
  • Gonative
  • Depth
  • Checkstyle
  • Apicompat
  • Go-Swagger
  • Go-callvis
  • Go-Metalinter
  • Grapes
  • Gosimple

In a nutshell, the relatively young programming language Go is used by many developers for different purposes. The development using Go is simple and effective when you employ the best IDE frameworks as top Golang tools. 

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