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The Difference between Customer Support and Customer Success

It’s obvious from previous definitions that customer success goes well beyond customer support. While the second metric is dependent on the technical and managerial prowess of a business and it increases the customer satisfaction by providing solutions to specific demands and needs of the customers, the first of the above-mentioned concept is more of a combination of the business’s mindset and culture. This difference is taken seriously by successful companies, and why they insist on their fundamental differentiation.

Complementary and inter-dependability  

While it is easy to differentiate the two but to say they are completely detached and or to say that they are indispensable to each other would be an overstatement. Since both have the same goal as other, so it is important to be on the same page with respect to the end goal. While the road to the end goal may change, the end goal unites them both.

Long-term relationships and solutions

Customer support looks at a long-term relationship with the client as the best service of their organization, while the technical team looks at long-term solutions for their client’s problems. Companies and businesses invest in training customer support representatives to provide both resolutions for technical issues, product and service guidance and overall consulting. At the same time companies invest in teaching their developers the latest techniques in their respective disciplines.

Unified and united

As these two teams continue to evolve in their separate practices and disciplines, while it may seem like killing two birds with one stone is not in the customer’s best interest. But it’s segregation of immediate and efficient support and continued development of their product that sufficiently tends to their needs, thus enabling success both the organization and the client.



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