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The emerging scope of advanced GIS software solutions

Over the years Geographic Information Systems (GIS) has turned out to become a determining factor for optimal operational efficiency and growth for all evolving business enterprises. The emerging scope of GIS software solutions calls in for the technical support and services of eminent geospatial software companies. Nowadays all business sectors seek GIS technology for evading technical glitches and to enhance productivity in a very significant way. Read on to know more about the potentialities of advanced geospatial applications and software solutions. 

The net worth of the GIS market was estimated to be a whopping USD 7.2 Billion in 2019 according to Research and Markets. This figure is expected to skyrocket to 14.5 Billion in 2025 which is a tremendous growth at a CARG of 12.4% between 2019 and 2025.

The major factor that led to this exponential growth is the progress of smart cities with the technical support of geospatial software companies for incorporating geospatial technology with existing mainstream technologies to increase productivity and business intelligence. The increased adoption of GIS technologies by the widespread logistics industry is also another factor behind this tremendous growth. As per the business forecast by credible sources, GIS software solutions are going to have a major share of adoption and growth. This is possible because location-based functionalities are expected to have the highest growth rate.

Currently speaking, Africa and the Middle Eastern regions are yet to explore the advantages of using GIS software technology. However, there is a great market potential for growth at a fast pace due to the adoption of GIS solutions mainly in the utility sector.

In these recent years, we can see that the African utility sector that includes oil and gas, power, and telecommunication has significantly adopted the GIS platform for improving operational efficiency. This is done mainly to enjoy optimal energy with advanced infrastructure. Both the private and public sectors are now joining hands for upgrading the technology that is used for energy provision.

Now with the help of geospatial software companies, advanced GIS systems are integrated into the different power provision levels in Africa. On the other hand, non-governmental sectors, private companies, and public administrations are focusing on increasing their development capacity. As a result, there is a remarkable increase in the number of skilled GIS technicians.

The ECOWAS Regional Centre for Renewable Energy and Efficiency (ECREEE) in West Africa has been very active in the GIS training activities for improved energy planning since 2016. At the same time, ESRI, incorporated by the USA, has extended its operational support to almost 27 African countries by providing GIS software solutions and Geo-database management apps. ESKOM South Africa, a strong partner with public utility companies and other private companies are now using GIS mapping tools. 

Last September, ESRI has signed a partnership agreement with AfroChampions. The main idea is to create an effective collaboration among business enterprises, governments, and regional economic forums, and also geospatial software companies to increase the usage of advanced geospatial solutions and technology across the continent.   

Major accomplishment

One of the biggest accomplishments is that a major player like ESRI has ventured and created a noteworthy impact in all levels of energy supply and provision. Right from the continental scaling up for providing grid extensions, usage of renewable energy, widespread electrification planning, site identifications, system designs, process automation for asset management, regulatory compliance and delivery, a whole wide set of functional activities came into play to explore the potentialities of advanced GIS technology. 

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