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The power of Golang in building server-side applications?

Golang, Google’s static programming language is embraced by developers around the world for its winning attributes. Server-side requirements also embrace the language for its swiftness. It has a simple syntax and is highly flexible in nature. Besides, it is a comprehensive language and used for developing web applications and mobile applications by Golang development company.

Advantages of Golang server-side application


  • Simple to use


Using Go is effective as it is concise and communicative. C and other programming languages have similarities in their syntax. It can handle database applications as well as web applications. 


  • Adaptability


Exchanging code and working on another stack is possible with Golang. So, you can create scalable web applications. Golang development company makes use of this feature for developing diverse applications.


  • Stability


The programming language can simultaneously handle multiple requests in no time. It can process a voluminous amount of requests in milliseconds than other languages. Therefore, the flexibility it offers is incredible for developers.


  • Good at developing microservices & streaming systems


An adept Golang development company can make streaming systems for Docker and Kubernetes in Go. Similarly, it is also possible to create microservices as it is supported by the search giant, Google.

  • Backend development 

Golang is good to opt for backend development. Its standard library has adequate resources and it offers unparalleled scalability while handling microservices. Though a relatively younger language, it has a great community and this adds versatility to the language. Its free guides, add-ons and packages are a great help for developers. 

The one drawback is it is not used for error – handling. The reason behind it is it requires a lot of manual configuration. It takes time for developers to use Go for error handling. 


  • Creating open-source applications


Docker is the platform for containerized Go apps and it can run on any open-source platform. Switching from one platform to another is easy and also provides fast development.

Moreover, the language also exhibits the following characteristics:
  • Faster development
  • Compiled language with simple coding
  • Less dependencies and good memory
  • Highly scalable
  • Cross-compiling

The programming language is widely used by Golang development companies in India for diverse needs.


  •  Web applications
  • Software development 
  • Command-line tools
  • Server scripting 
  • All other applications such Big data and AI

It is hard to see another programming language like Go regarding its exceptional attributes like speed and flexibility. The teen among code languages is a companion of developers. You can squeeze out the best from a Golang web development company and come up with fabulous web applications. 

About us

Brainfuel is a famous Golang development company in India. We are passionate about creating Go-based applications for a diverse range of industries. Our driving force is love for technology. We cater to all your requirements by creating applications as you anticipated. We value your hard-earned money as we make sure you get the best technical support from us. Being a Golang development company,  we guarantee seamless web applications for your business.




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