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Artificial Intelligence

Top 4 AI Trends To Watch Out in 2020

We are the generation who are aware of the significance of developing machines and software programs that can learn and make decisions individually. As McKinsey suggests, advancements in robotics, artificial intelligence, and machine learning are resulting in a new age of automation, as machines rival or outperform human performance in multiple work activities, including the ones which require cognitive inclinations. The past decade was a crucial one for all the science enthusiasts because it is during this period we started conceiving the possibility of intelligence in machines more thoughtfully. Here are the top 4 Artificial Intelligence Trends to look out for this year. 

Automating, monitoring and refining business processes

Earlier machines helped men to automate mostly the manufacturing and production tasks. Today the software-based robots will easily handle the repeated but crucial tasks that we carry out on computers. Automating and streamlining such tasks will free up the employees to focus more on creative and complex tasks. Such automation processes are termed as robotic process automation. Gartner recently declared Robotic Process Automation (RPA) as ‘the fastest-growing segment of the global enterprise software market’. They are predicting that the global market for RPA services and products will hit an anticipated value of £5.98 billion in 2020.  

Accurate real-time personalization

Personalized customer experiences are the pink elephant in the room right now. Everyone is aware of it but nobody is talking about it. Tech giants like Amazon and Google are delivering personalized experiences and recommendations which helps them to boost sales and create amazing customer experiences. AI will take over the whole personalization and decision making part of the process and will deliver amazing and more accurate outcomes. Tomorrow, your favorite ice cream shop will know when you’ll want to have ice cream and will deliver it to you just by asking for one-tap permission. AI will make the data acquisition more accurate, precise and increasingly useful. This will also increase the scope of devices that run with AI which will include our vehicles, household appliances, and workplace tools. 

Enhancing Cybersecurity

Hackers and cybercriminals are way more ahead of us in the means of technology and software. Smart AI induced prediction algorithms can prevent hacking, phishing, and social engineering attacks and attempted intrusions. AI can be used to detect signs of digital activity or transactions follow patterns that are likely to be pointers of malicious activity, and inform before defenses can be breached and data compromised. 5g and other superfast network technologies will potentially open up to severe cyber threats and security breaches. AI will unquestionably play an important role in countering threats and defending from future attacks. 

Human and AI cooperation

Most of us will get adapted to the concept of working along with AI software or induced solutions. Bots and AI-powered tools will have an irreplaceable position in our day-to-day working lives. Many of us will interact with robots or AI-powered machines without even realizing it. There might come a future where humans will depend on efficient and accurate robots for assistance instead of dealing with another human being. Organizations and governments are increasingly investing in AI powered technology. If the persisting situation is developing in the current pattern, the AI revolution will become an ultimate game changer for all the existing industries and for the industries yet to come. 




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