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UI/UX – The crux of mobile application development

The view of many people who use mobile application thinking that the mobile application experience as a downsized web experience. So an unequivocal statement has to be made that a mobile app is fundamentally different from a website while maintaining the functionality of the website in question. It may be different in sizes, it’s different in the approach to the functionality of the website, and it’s different in scope if required by the client. But all the differences aside, most end users who use mobile applications think that the mobile application should have all the features and functionalities of the website in question does if the expectations of the end users are not met or else it seems to be somehow less valuable. But this line of thought couldn’t be farther from the concept of the mobile application.

There is a reason why mobile applications are important because their form and functionality are different from their website on the desktop relatives. Mobile applications can be accessed on the move, touch interfaces by default are more intuitive, mobile applications can also take advantage of the customizable access to device’s hardware. A robust mobile app doesn’t fall back on the designs or functionalities, it uses the unmatched UI/UX of the mobile platform to be as usable as possible. Thus UI/UX is the crux of the application, the navigation, the accessibility to all the available features, ease of using the functions all contribute the overall image of the business and the functionality of the application itself. With responsive web design and adaptive web design making the desktop browser user experience more user-friendly than ever before, it takes more to justify the user existence of a mobile application platform.



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