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Web Scraping

Web scraping; the best way to gain momentum in the post Covid-19 scenario

The outbreak and the ongoing pandemic situation have already taken a heavy toll on the entire business world spanning across the globe. The world economy had to encounter drastic and inevitable changes. On the one side, many people lost their jobs and on the other, a vast majority of the people got adapted to numerous online platforms to make a living. Data analytics has garnered so much importance and the lucky few who have already joined the bandwagon are making the most of this epic economical shift. In this context, we can see that web scraping companies are gaining momentum and lots of attention in this post-Covid-19 scenario. 

Salient features of web scraping

The web scraping companies use bots that crawl through the web with specific keywords and URLs of predefined websites in search of data. The process is so intense and complicated that servers can even get taxed because of heavy traffic created due to the massive number of instantaneous requests. Though this is the case, servers do fight back or take a protective step during such instances. This is one reason why we see CAPTCHAS most of the time and are asked to click on ‘I am not a robot’ to confirm we are humans. This is one of the defensive measures that the servers use for preventing increased scraping activities that can hamper the website’s performance.   

Proxies enable web scraping

Servers usually block a device (defined by an authentic IP address) when it sends several instantaneous data requests. However, there is a solution to overcome these IP bans. Every data request can be made by linking each proxy with its unique IP address. And the actual identity of the party or person who extracts the data will not get revealed. The web scraping companies use proxies as intermediaries for doing web scraping. This basic methodology is nowadays used by numerous industries to unlock or get inside the vast pool of public data.

Increased web scraping cases

The web scraping companies from all over is now focussing more on the significance and advantages of top-notch data extraction methods. This is because many business organizations are now more into extensive web scraping activities. The data scraping companies use several methods for data extraction and there are several benefits of doing so. With data scraping, they can obtain pricing details for flights, in depth details of certain consumer websites, accommodation rates of properties listed on different travel and tour websites.

The data scraping companies use data mining to enhance SEO intelligence and garner more web traffic. Data extraction works are also undertaken by data scraping companies to ensure brand protection with adequate anti-counterfeiting activities. Apart from monitoring the prices of different websites, data scraping companies also use data extraction for activating marketing campaigns. This can help you to zero in specifically on the requirements of your potential market. 

The importance and requirement of data scraping are increasing like never before, especially in this post-Covid-19 scenario. It is an essential requisite to stay successful in the competitive consumer market. 

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