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What are the different kinds of GIS mapping solutions?

Today, GIS mapping solutions are used in many facets of businesses such as understanding the assets, monitoring change and above all to make timely decisions. A multitude of industries and organizations rely on Geospatial data to get more accurate information. 

GIS is a vast field and depending upon the nature of business and industry, you need to select the right GIS mapping solutions for your current requirements. FOr example, a Bubble map is a versatile GIS mapping solution

Before delving into its kinds, what is GIS mapping? GIS mapping is all about the allocation of data in a spatial manner. It might contain relevant information in a visual format including charts, diagrams and pictures. Generally, quantifiable data is represented in GIS mapping solutions. These GIS maps are dynamic and interactive by nature; helping businesses to achieve more pace.  GIS maps are also available in layer format. The layers are used to provide advanced information on a single screen. You can easily toggle between layers and grasp as much information from them. 

Different kinds of GIS mapping solutions
  • Category Maps

Category maps are one of the renowned GIS mapping types used in businesses. It is all about segmenting a particular data from another. Using category GIS maps, you can explicitly identify the portion of the data segment. It is pretty easy to use and create. For easy use, it will usually have colour differentiation. Each colour represents separate data from another. 

  • Heat Maps

Heat maps are a unique GIS mapping solution. When you have to segregate dense data the idea of “cool” and “warm” is applied to spatial data processing. This kind of map fails to provide a full picture of the data as it is not universally accepted. But, it can be utilized to get a rough idea of the data. 

  • Bubble Maps

Bubble Maps make use of patterns and shapes for data segregation in GIS. The great difference in the patterns and shape determine the data types. Using these shapes, you can clearly define quantifiable data in a particular context. Small shapes of bubbles might represent less quantity, respectively. Bubble Maps are highly used by companies and organizations as they provide a full picture of the location and quantity of data in a flick of time. 

  • Quantity Maps

As the name suggests, it is all about quantifiable data in particular. It uses different colour codes for different data. So, it’s very comfortable and easy to use. You can employ this kind of map when you have a multitude of similar data spread over a large area.  It uses a colour difference of the same colour to denote various quantities. 

Web mapping and GIS mapping solutions are developing rapidly and many are realizing how powerful the technology is. A thorough understanding of different interactive  GIS maps lets you select the appropriate one for your business needs. 

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