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What are the frontend trends in 2022?

Many businesses are in need of stunning web applications for their diverse business needs. As the customer’s choices and preferences vary, they need to come up with the simplest and best solutions. Companies using Golang understand and keep this in mind developing solutions for your business.

Client-side applications

Companies using Golang have witnessed many businesses struggle to latch on to what their customer wants from a web application. They fail to understand their target’s pain points and unique requirements. The success of any application lies in the layout and effective interaction it provides. This is where front-end development matters most. Using experts from companies using Golang can provide you with seamless customer-focused front end solutions. Such front end developers ensure the information displayed on your web application is soothing and easy to understand. 

Recent trends in frontend development 

We have begun our journey of 2022 and front end development has got some recent updates.  After all, innovation is an ongoing process here. 

  • Go, the programming language is the new trend

Back in the day, many preferred NodeJs or React for front end and back end operations. But things are rapidly changing. Golang, the language devised by Google is actively used for front end development. Thanks to its compilation features and easy deployment amenity for server infrastructure. Besides, it is open-source and ready to be used by developers. Companies using Golang have been emerging like never before. One of the foremost advantages of Go is developing a perfect application is a piece of cake with Golang.  The stronghold of React and Vue are changing paving the way for Go.

  • More and more programming languages will enter 

Apart from the old names, many new programming languages are entering the world of front-end development. Rust, dart, flutter, Go are some of the languages to name a few. Developers are also trying to figure out the best language for front-end development with regard to their skills and experience. All they need is to get things executed in an easier and simpler way. Ultimate performance is the key factor everyone looks forward to. We all know that the core language will always remain unchanged. No language can replace the place of JavaScript. 

  • Micro-front applications will be the new fad

The scope of micro-applications is increasing in front-end development. They are considered as iframes that are upgraded. It is stated that with the help of micro-applications, the developing cost of an application can be reduced. Besides, it can help developers split enterprise projects as well as upgrade stack technology. 

  • Browser compatibility

Browser compatibility is the biggest blessing a front-end developer can ask for. You no longer need not try to make great strides to compact with older generations of chrome and chromium. 

About us 

Brainfuel is one of the renowned companies using Golang in India for creating outstanding mobile applications for diverse businesses. We build bespoke mobile applications that cater for your business interests. Being one of the best companies using Golang in India, we are dedicated to delivering highly customized mobile app development solutions using Google’s Go. 



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