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Python Development

What are the main differences between Python and scala?

Python and Scala are emerging and developing programming languages, popular around the world. Both have their own unique characteristics and differences to count on. Selecting a python app development service or scala development depends on several factors such as the nature of the web application, business type and specific features to include. 

Scala and Python app development services

Both Scala and python are used to build web applications. They are both accepted and loved by developers across the globe. Both are open-source languages and highly scalable in nature. Python app development services are more preferred over scala by some and vice versa. Before looking out the differences between Scala and Python, let us dig in detail. 

Scala is an open-source, java-based dynamic scripting programming language. Since it is highly scalable it can be used to develop scalable applications for SaaS solutions. The Language unified loops and functional programming to provide scalable support. It is a statically typed, object-oriented programming language that can be used to define control structures without using macros. On the other hand, Python is a dynamically typed, open-source programming language. Besides, it supports multiple paradigms. 

Top differences between Scala and Python
  • Performance

Scala is a compiled language that shows 10x times faster performance than Python. But, Python allows the developer to develop an application swiftly reducing compilation after each change.

  • Platform

Both the scala and Python require different tools to run but are available on multiple platforms. Scala needs Javabtecode in order to properly run and Python needs a python interpreter. 

  • ML and data science applications

Both Scala and Python are highly scalable languages and are used in different applications. Scala does not have any multiple libraries to be used in applications such as ML, AI and data science. So, Python is the most suitable language for such applications. On the other hand, Scala is widely used for big data processing and useful for data science teams. 

  • Concurrency

Scala provides greater flexibility in terms of memory management whereas Python supports multithreading utilizing asyncio concept.

  • Features

Both Scala and Python have their own unique features. Mainly all features of the Python language makes it an ideal choice for faster web development. That’s why the python app development service is more popular than Scala web development. 

  • Usability

The usability of Python makes it a great choice for applications GraphFrames and Graphx.  Scala has a real-time checking system that detects any errors in the code as soon as possible. 

  • Vast libraries

Python has many standard libraries that have vast community support, just like Scala. The number of extensive frameworks makes Python a powerful and reliable language for web development. Scala, highly functional programming language using JVM libraries.

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