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Java Development

What are the peculiar features of Java for web development?

Web development is still one of today’s most popular activities considering the acceptance of smartphones and allied technologies. People want to make use of the internet and the possibilities of other applications to the fullest. So, the relevance of Java web development company is increasing like never before. 

The thing is Java is an old, object-oriented programming language used by developers all over the world for developing client-side applications as well as other applications. Java web development company understands the wide range of possibilities of the language and has been developing robust applications. 

Why Java is popular?

Everyone is talking about Java and the driving factors for this wide acceptance is the language’s simplicity and potential power for coming up with robust applications. Java has been accepted as a universal language for development. WORM language is also a reason for its popularity; it can be written once and run on many platforms. Likewise, a Java web development company can independently run source code because it is in bytecode. Due to the popularity of the language, Java development outsourcing is one of the wanted job titles. With the help of a skilled Java web development company, it is possible to create the following products:

  • Client-side applications
  • Server-side applications
  • Mobile applications for Android development
  • Desktop applications
  • Computer games
  • Cloud data storage
The feature of the Java programming language

Sun Microsystem announced Java in 1995 and the language’s features are mindblowing. Java web development company integrates these features in web development to come up with stunning applications. 

  • Built-in capabilities for network applications

Dynamic webpage creation is easy with the built-in capabilities of Java applications. It supports dynamic loading of ‘classes’ and many other native  functions

  • Object-oriented programming language

Everything in Java programming language is regarded as an ‘object’. The concept of OOPs is beneficial for maintenance as well as simplified software development. The concepts include object, class, inheritance, polymorphism, abstraction and encapsulation. 

  • Platform independent

Unlike other Cand C++ languages, Java is a WORM language that can be used independently. It has got two parts; namely API and runtime environment. Running Java on any platform is simple with bytecode.

  • Secured

Creating a robust application integrated with security is a hassle-free task with Java. The reason is the program runs inside a virtual machine sandbox and it has no explicit pointer.

  • Architecture Neutral

In Java, there is no implementation features and has great memory management in its architecture. 

  • Portable

The Java bytecode helps you carry the code into any other platform without any other additional implementation. 

  • Multi-threaded

With the help of multiple threads, the creation of multiple tasks is easy.

About us 

Brainfuel is a trusted java web development company in India that engages in the production of robust Java applications. Being the best Java web development company in India, we provide the best Java web development services. By hiring our experts, you will get highly responsive and reliable custom applications. Our team has excellent knowledge of Java technologies and is bent on creating your dream application.



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