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Java Development

What are the popular Java application technologies?

Java is a static and one of the most popular programming languages in the world of programming. It is true, especially on the server side. The applications crafted using Java are used on the internet. Dynamic web pages can be created with a stunning user interface. A renowned Java web development company can come up with dynamic web applications.  To do this, they use various technologies and aspects. The Java Enterprise Edition platform offers so much to Java web development.

Java web application technologies
  • Servlet API

Servlet API comprises several interfaces like filter, filterchain,servletconfig. One of the benefits of Servlet API is the ability to increase the capacity of servers for hosting purposes. The request-response model of Servlet is widely used by Java web development companies and has a great lifecycle starting from the initialization.

It is a platform-independent service and Java web development companies use it for developing web applications apart from creating dynamic web pages. It processes the client’s request with the database and delivers the results to the user.

  • JSP

JSP is one of the most popular Java development technologies used by Java web development companies. It creates web content with great speed and differentiates CGI files for including dynamic elements in HTML pages. And it also has complete access to entire Java APIs.

JSP tags make web development easier and embed Java code in HTML. Static data is written in various markup languages such as XML, WML, and HTML. It also supports Servlet API with a text-based document.


JDBC or Java Database Connectivity has many queries for getting access to the database. With JDBC drivers, users can update pieces of information as they want. They can also delete, save, alter and access data. JDBC drivers are of three kinds. The major function is it helps in solving queries and connects to the database.

  • Java Persistence API

With Java Persistence API, you can use relational data in Java applications. It uses object-relational mapping to connect with the database also helps in the retrieval of the database. Java Persistence API is an easy communication medium using an object-relational approach that comprises methods and classes. Java web development company use Java Persistence API as a platform for developing web applications.

  • JavaServer Faces technology

JavaServer Faces technology used to create great web-based interfaces. It uses various scripting markup languages. Creating a web application is easy with JavaServer Faces technology.

In essence, having great knowledge of these Java scripting languages are helpful in creating web applications. Each Java technology has its own characteristics and the selection of these technologies depends on the particular requirements. The ultimate goal is to craft the best applications.

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