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What are the top Python scraping libraries in 2021

Python is one of the most popular programming languages in the world used for data mining. Python is a language that has many libraries. Building your own web scraper is easy with these multiple python libraries. Requests, Beautiful Soup, and Scrapy are the most prominent Python scraping libraries used by developers. 

Building web scraping with Python Libraries

As we have seen, Beautiful soup and requests are two known Python scraping libraries used for data mining. Both have prominent features and are good for data mining purposes. Apart from these libraries, there are a lot of other Python libraries used for web scraping. In a data-centric world, the possibilities of data science and web scraping are used to mine data from the internet.

Web scraping Python Libraries

Python scraping libraries are used to mine and crawl data from web pages. The powerful technique of web scraping is essential in order to thrive in online business. Apart from e-commerce many industries use

  • Requests 

Requests is an HTTP human software and fundamental Python scraping library used for web scraping. Requests make HTML requests and retrieve data from a web page. The foremost phase of any web scraping is getting all details in an HTML format. 

With Requests, you can make various types of HTML commands such as GET and POST. The ease of use and simplicity make it an ideal choice for web scraping. You can scrape small amounts of data using this Python library.

Advantages of using requests
  • Simple to use
  • Ease of authentication
  • Access international URLs
  • Lxml Library

Lxml Library can retrieve data from HTML retrieved from a webpage. It has great performance and an XML parsing Python library. You can use this library for large data mining projects. You can access data using XPath and CSS selectors. 

Advantages of using xml
  • Very faster than other libraries
  • Lightweight
  • Pythonic API
  • Beautiful Soup

Beautiful soup is the best Python scraping library in the world. It is used to scrape and parse data from websites. Automatic content conversion is also an important attribute. It is the easiest library for beginners as well as tech nerds. Expert uses the combination of Beautiful soup and Requests for a better web scraping experience.

Advantages of using Beautiful Soup
  • Effective with poorly designed HTML pages
  • Only needs a few lines of code
  • Easy to learn and use
  • Robust in nature
  • Automatic encoding detection
  • Selenium

Selenium is the only web scraping tool that can scrape data from dynamically populated websites. It can retrieve information from web pages using JavaScript and can be used on a large scale. Scraping using selenium is a slow process.

Advantages of using Selenium
  • Dynamic content can be scraped
  • Standard Python commands to different browsers
  • Screenshots  of the web pages can be created
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