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Python Development

What are the top websites that use Python for functioning?

The top uses of Python app development services are many including app development, data analytics, machine learning, data visualization, game development, software development and website development. Many top websites falling into different niches use Python for developing stunning websites for their businesses. The wide acceptance and popularity of the language occur due to many reasons such as English like simple syntax, ease of use, thriving community and so on. 

Websites built with Python

There are many websites and apps that make use of Python app development services. Apart from these, small and medium-sized businesses are also realizing the full potential of Python app development services and are ready to incorporate them into their app development requirements.

  • Netflix

Netflix, one of the streaming platforms that makes use of Python app development services. Netflix finds the language is flexible and user friendly for any developer with its simple yet powerful syntax.

  • Google

Handling heavy traffic is easier with Python and for this obvious reason, Python is used by the search engine, Google. It is flexible and helps Google to manage unheard of queries in no time without much hassle. 

  • Instagram

Instagram is now the most popular photo-sharing platform and it also embraces Python app development services. The language makes the platform robust, clean and user-friendly. 

  • YouTube

YouTube is regarded as the second most popular search engine and built with Python. So, the streaming, uploading and downloading videos take place without any hindrances. 

  • Uber

Uber is one of the applications and websites that is purely built with Python. It uses many known Python frameworks to come up with the best solutions. 

  • Bitly

Bitly uses Python efficiently for link management and it is the most trusted URL like shortener in the world. 

  • Disqus

A top and trusted commenting platform, Disqus also uses Python for moderating content and managing the volume of comments. 

  • Pinterest

Pinterest, the all-time one-time destinations to inspire and save data also built on Python. Scaling and building the application made possible with Python. It also uses a lot of third-party libraries for configuration management. 

  • Quora

Quora is a favourite social media platform for anyone as billions of o questions get answered here. Most of the functionalities of the website are merged with Python for effective communication and configuration management.

  • Reddit

Reddit is also a renowned news aggregation platform loved by millions of users. It functions smoothly with the help of extensive python libraries and frameworks because of the language’s simplicity and efficiency. 

  • Yahoo

Yahoo, the first search engine makes use of Python for diverse purposes and it also embraces the language just like its competitor to enable a better user experience for searchers. 

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