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Data scraping
What is Data Scraping?

What is Data Scraping?

Every figure and statistic relevant to your firm and your business partner gives a potential for insight, growth, and success in the world of business data. Researching clients and business partners, for example, has proven to be critical to negotiating profitable, mutually beneficial partnerships. For content and market research, numerous organizations in a variety of industries use data and data scraping services.


Types of Data scraping services:


Data scraping services can be split into two broad spectrums



  • Web Scraping
  • Screen Scraping



Web Scraping

The most common type of data scraping service for commercial applications is web scraping (also known as content scraping). Its programme downloads web pages or resources automatically, parses their coded content, and sends it to businesses for use. Web scraping has been around since the 2000s and is used for analysis, acquisition, and research. Web scrapers, sometimes known as “Web Crawlers,” were used by search engines to examine the content and data of millions of websites. The extracted keywords and data were then indexed and used to fuel the search engines that people use to get around the internet. We wouldn’t have Google or Yahoo! without web crawlers.


Web scraping is a comprehensive, adaptable, and effective data scraping service for your firm to acquire whatever current web data it needs to make informed business decisions.


Scraping and collecting content from the web using our data scraping services can help firms implement the following practises:



  • Comparing Prices
  • Contact Scraping Market & Competitor Research (Email and Contact Info)
  • Weather or Exchange Rates Data Observation
  • Content creation, SEO, Metadata, and other aspects of marketing
  • Making Decisions and Making Plans



Screen Scraping:

For some businesses, screen scraping a system in its entirety is essential, especially when their data must be preserved intact for long periods of time for regulatory or record-keeping reasons. Because many older CRM systems lack built-in APIs, screen scraping is perfect for gathering data without having to access the source code. Scraping technology, with its capacity to retrieve and export old data with a high degree of accurateness, is a valuable tool for migrations.


Screen scraping and collecting content using data scraping services can help firms implement the following practises:



  • Use standard APIs to examine the contents of a screen
  • Interception of system APIs to track (catch) how data gets to the screen
  • Accessibility driver or custom mirror driver
  • Use OCR (Optical character recognition)



In business decision-making, properly obtaining meaningful information and making the most of it are critical. However, with over 2 billion web pages on the internet today, manually collecting large amounts of data is impossible. Therefore it has become imperative for companies in high competition environments to utilize data scraping services. Brainfuel offers some of the best data scraping services in the industry.

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