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GIS mapping services

What is the difference between 2D and 3D GIS?

GIS is geographical technology that is widely used by different organizations and businesses all over the world for various purposes. The field of GIS technology is evolving at a rapid rate as many new technologies come alive. It is a vast field and tools, technologies differ from time to time. GIS mapping services are helping many businesses and organizations to formulate the best GIS solutions in order to make better decisions and allocate resources efficiently. ITC or Information and communication technology also evolving complementing the efforts in GIS mapping services. 


Spatial information and GIS

GIS is used to capture, analyse, manipulate and manage data especially for businesses to make better decisions as well as reach out to more customers. Using GIS, you can manage and display all kinds of spatial data in any other form. Or other forms of data can be converted into spatial data. 


All kinds of spatial information can be represented using GIS mapping services. The cartography and GIS applications rely on spatial information to formulate effective geographical information. The widespread acceptance of Information Technology and Communication enabled GIS to flourish mainly using 2D and 3D representations since its inception in the 90s. Data visualization in GIS mapping services can be carried out using 2D and 3D technology. 


Major differences 


  • Details


Geometry structures can be carried out using 3D representations. Basic functionalities of managing geometrical structures are possible with 3D representations. On the other hand, you need to use 2D representations to fetch some details. It depends on the type of spatial representation. In short, 3D representation can provide more insightful information. 



  • Data representation


Data representation in 2D and 3D are entirely different and businesses choose the best as per their requisites.  Grid cells are used in 2D representations where 3D representations take palace using volumes. For example, Raster data.



  • Functionality


Functionality in both 2D and 3D are the same but the application is different. 3D systems sometimes lack some functionalities due to some impediments. To get the most out of it, 2D tools are also used along with 3D tools. 



  • Dimensions


As the name suggests, both 2D and 3D contain different dimensions. 2D GIS contains two dimensions and the 3D dimension has an extra component called “z”. 



  • Accuracy


When we compare 2D and 3D technologies in GIS mapping services, the more accurate technology will be a 3D representation. This is because it represents reality compared to 2D technology. Your targeted spatial data can be easily retrieved and analysed using 3D technology.  In short, they are widely used to perform the basic functions and when used together they can produce well-structured spatial information too.  For example, you can perform vertical extrusion in 2D and building footprints and polygons in 3D. 


About us

Brainfuel is a trusted provider of GIS mapping services in India that provides stunning yet effective GIS mapping solutions to all kinds of industries. We are bent on providing excellent GIS mapping services to our clientele. Being the best provider of GIS mapping services in India, our competent team strives to deliver the best GIS-based solutions to different industries. 




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