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What makes GIS different from CAD?

Both GIS and Cad are very different from each other. GIS is structured very well. The data management capability is great and has accurate specifications with defined schemas. On the other hand, CAD technicians will utilize their license for suggesting its usage and for designing anything as per their wish. Now based on the main differences, it can be problematic for the migration to happen between GIS and Cad. GIS is mainly used for developing a connection between a geographical object and data. GIS solutions can easily capture, save, analyze and provide us the spatial data or information in a visual platform that is easy to decipher. Now Computer Aided Drafting or CAD the software is built for designing infrastructures and products in 2D and 3D pictures. Another advantage is that you can view these diagrams from any angle. It is easy to view and conceptualize with 2D and 3D images. 

CAD and GIS 

Many major business organizations have already made huge investments in both CAD and GIS database systems. A vast majority of people use GIS-enabled software solutions. However, developers of CAD are slowly incorporating extra features. This shows that there is a probability of the differences between the two databases starts to disappear. 

Differences between CAD and GIS

In terms of map-making efficiency, GIS is a tad better than CAD. This is because CAD will help you for attaching data with lines and polygons in the map. For this single CAD is considered as the best means of visualization and interpretation of information through the geographical maps. You can effectively manage databases with GIS and almost the same is the case with CAD. GIS uses geographical reference and CAD doesn’t require it. GIS is a better choice for analysis but CAD is the best option for details and accuracy. GIS requires some time for gathering and maintaining data whereas CAD works on a current project basis. 


QGIS is considered one of the finest GIS applications. It can consume any amount of data. GIS is indeed very versatile in terms of data consumption.QGIS needs the GDAL library for writing and reading the GIS formats. You can easily support 70 and more vector formats with that. QGIS was built mainly for working along with Post GIS. You will get used to QGIS quickly with the easy to follow set of instructions.

Significance of gis consulting services

Renowned gis consulting services will make the best use of GIS analysis. They will be experts in dealing with spatial data infrastructure and migration. Eminent gis consulting services will provide you with mapping facilities for flood risk modeling, help you with PV deployment optimization, provide soil fertility maps, habitat modeling. They will also help you for maintaining proper ecological connectivity. You can use the expertise of gis consulting services for analyzing both spatial as well as non-spatial information or data of location and make a presentation with the help of maps. Effective mapping capabilities by gis services are enjoyed by many leading corporate companies who are big players in the fields of power management, telecommunication, logistics networks, marine trading, and water management.

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