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What makes Go the happening language among most employers and mobile developers

Engineers are not so fond of Go. They mostly prefer Python, Java, and JavaScript. Employers, on the other hand, love the advanced language known as Go, Golang. As per the annual software engineers report by the popular job site Hireds, engineers who are well versed in Go received an average of almost 9.2 interview requests. This makes Golang the most in-demand language that is used nowadays. Next to Go are Scala and Ruby that are preferred by employers. This is however not such glad news for engineers because they gave the number one position for the least loved programming language to Ruby. This was followed by Objective C and PHP. According to the TIOBE Index for Golang, Go is undoubtedly the most loved language with minimal to nil competitors. The popularity index soared from the 54th position that it held in January 2016 to an impressive 13th in January 2017. Golang is also being widely used in the mobile industry and as a result, there is more scope for advanced golang mobile development services. 

Why choose golang mobile development services

Golang also known as Go, was created by Google the corporate giant, as the open-source language with the main idea of developing highly scalable web applications and advanced golang mobile development solutions. Go is specifically designed and developed for deploying in cloud platforms as well. The major aspect that distinguishes between golang mobile development services and web development solutions is that golang mobile development services are more accessible. This is because most of the apps are smaller in size and built with a single purpose. ‘Gaming’, ‘E-Commerce’ and ‘Enterprise Apps’ are the three major sectors that make the mobile development sector lively and booming. Go has the advantage of having a powerful and standard library. This makes Golang the most efficient language that can be used for creating advanced mobile development tools. Another main reason for Golang’s increasing popularity for web development is its exceptional ability that it has got in the API layer.

Golang’s tool for mobile development

Golang’s tool for mobile application is known as Gomobile. Gomobile was created with the main idea to develop cross-platform applications. Two main strategies are deployed by Gomobile. One is gomobile build. Gomobile build is used for developing the entire mobile application. 

The other is gomobile bind. You can use gomobile bind for developing a library that you can use for the mobile application. This option is mainly used when you don’t have to rewrite the business logic found in the mobile application. The sub repository for Gomobile adds support for mobile platforms such as Android and iOS. It also provides tools for building mobile applications. There are two main ways by which you can add Golang to your mobile stack. 

The first method is to write all Go native mobile applications. The other method is to write SDK applications. You have to generate bindings from a Golang package and take them from Objective- C (on i0S) and from Java (on Android)

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