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Which one to choose between Mern Stack Vs Mean Stack technology?

In the web development industry, there are constant changes being made which could help businesses to create web applications with the latest technologies to give them an edge, which can be a key factor in their success or failure. The one major change is the technology stack, which proved to be beneficial for a company that completed web projects with the successful implementation of the technology stack along with other required tools and technology. This created vast opportunities for stack technology developers like mern stack developers.


What exactly is stack technology?

It is a combination of different technologies, tools, software, etc., which are used in building web applications or mobile applications. A technology stack, which is widely known as a solution stack, has become a key component which helps in building web apps which are easy to maintain and improve their scalability and efficiency. In today’s market, there are various technology stacks like Mern Stack, Mean Stack, etc. Due to various stack technologies, companies tend to choose the perfect option that suits their project requirements. For example, if a business wants to implement Mern Stack technology, a company should either hire or have an in-built mern stack developer.


To help companies choose the best stack technology that enables smooth business in today’s digital era with the best web application, we will discuss two top technologies, Mern Stack and Mean Stack, respectively.


Mern Stack Technology:

The full form of MERN in mean stack technology is MongoDB, ExpressJS, ReactJS, and NodeJS. These four different components are combined to form a stack, which is a modern web-application framework. It is not easy for companies to implement this technology or solution stack without any knowledge or experience in the past. This is one major issue while companies can’t make these changes which can bring great results for their business operations. The ideal solution to resolve this is to have an experienced Mern Stack developer.


This developer should become the team leader for such projects as they can add the value that was missing earlier. But before you hire anyone, there are a few parameters that need to be checked, which say whether the developer has the right skill set and is the perfect candidate your company is looking for.


Check for the perfect skill set of a developer:

  1. One must have good knowledge and experience in HTML and JavaScript, as these two are core technologies for the front end and server end too.
  2. One should have good knowledge of databases and their functionality. Without database knowledge, they face problems in understanding this solution stack.
  3. He or she should know how to optimize the process, which can save companies money.


Technology MEAN Stack:

  1. The full form of MEAN is MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, and NodeJS.
  2. It is a free and open-source Java Script web application framework.
  3. It stores data in JSON format.
  4. an effective framework for easy development of full-stack applications.
  5. An MVC architecture is used where MongoDB and ExpressJS focus on the backend part. AngularJS and NodeJS focus on the frontend part.
  6. A full stack developer should have good knowledge of HTML, CSS, Agile methodology, etc.
  7. It takes time to learn and is compatible with small and medium-scale projects.
  8. Websites tend to slow down while loading because of Java Script, which can affect the website traffic.
  9. There can be a loss of data records written by MongoDB if there is any heavy load scenario.
  10. The data flow is bi-directional, which helps in maintaining a small-scale app.
  11. It is backed by Google.


Why is MERN Stack technology more powerful than MEAN?

In Mern stack technology, ReactJS is used instead of traditional AngularJS, which is the best and most preferred technology for a perfect user interface. The UI is the backbone of any web application. AngularJS has continuous version releases, which might be a problem in understanding quickly, whereas the Mern Stack developer uses ReactJS, which is easy to learn. This is preferred by most businesses as it is compatible with large-scale applications. This is backed up by Facebook. The code development is quicker, which can help businesses deliver the project to their clients. The unidirectional data binding process helps to manage large-scale applications as the data overview is visible. ReactJS is the most popular web framework, which increases the demand for Mern stack developers.



Although the Mern Stack supports large-scale applications and businesses, there are a few disadvantages which can impact the businesses of small and medium-scale industries. It is very difficult to choose between these two technologies as they are both reliable and effective, which can help in improving your business. But the decision is your responsibility as you need to choose which is perfect depending on the requirements, feasibility, cost factors, etc. If you have even the slightest doubt, contact a stack technology consultant who will assist you in making the best decision.The demand for Mern Stack developers and Mean Stack developers is increasing rapidly because every company wants to implement one of these two technologies, which are best for their business.


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