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GIS Application Development

Why do we need GIS Application Development Tools to build top-quality GIS apps?

GIS applications are a bit different from the other applications used in the software industry. These applications are used in various fields and have a specific purpose. Its primary focus will be geographic functionality, which helps in providing accurate location services across the globe. The process involved in building a GIS app is very different from the traditional application development process. It is a challenging job for any GIS app developer, as GIS technology is a bit complicated. For example, the developer needs to process the data from satellite images and store and represent that data in a visualised form. There are certain areas where a GIS developer requires certain tools that help them.


GIS Application Development Tools’ Role in this Process:

Once we get the data required for a certain GIS application, the next step is to format the data. Once the formatting process is completed, we have to collect the data. To complete this step of the GIS application development process, we require a system that can do this. The developer uses GIS tools along with the technology to achieve this successfully. With the help of these tools, the data is represented correctly. These tools are used in other processes of application development.


Different kinds of GIS tools for application development:

Let us focus on different tools that make GIS application development easy in various fields. These tools save developers time and help them focus on their primary duty, which is to build the app with 100% precision. There is no room for small errors, as GIS apps help in finding a position in any corner of the earth. It can even save someone’s life.



  • The ArcGIS Web AppBuilder tool:



This tool helps developers build quality GIS-based web apps. A developer can build web apps even without writing a small piece of code. With the help of its tool, this AppBuilder enables all HTML-featured apps.It helps developers to add maps and tools easily and can even use them instantly for the project.


Key Features:

  • The web application developed using this tool can run on any device. Developers can build web applications using HTML and JavaScript.
  • You can configure 2D and 3D apps easily.
  • With the help of ready-to-use widgets, GIS application development is fun and easy. 
  • It hosts apps online or on your server.



  • Leaflet.JS tool:


For developers who face issues in developing apps that include map functionality, then Laeflet.JS is the tool you are looking for. This is the largest open-source JavaScript library for creating the best interactive maps. This JavaScript library consists of every map feature that developers are looking for. Its usage is simple and any developer who is experienced in JavaScript can implement it successfully.


key Features:


  • It is compatible with all desktop and mobile platforms.
  • If there is any issue, plugins are used to achieve that compatibility.
  • It has map controls like zoom buttons, scales, etc.
  • It has interactive features like zoom-in, extended zoom, keyboard navigation, etc.



  • Turf.JS tool:


It is also a JavaScript library specially designed for geospatial analysis. Spatial analysis is a complicated task for developers, especially those who are new to GIS application development. This helps to resolve map problems, which can help in building quality GIS apps. Spatial functions like calculating distances or heatmap preparation, etc., become easy with this library. To use this library or implement this tool successfully, it is better to take the help of professionals from top GIS application development companies. You can add this library to the client side as a plugin or you can run this on the server side with the help of the Node.js language.



  • OpenStreetMaps Tool:


This API is an open source tool which is an editable map used in GIS applications. This API helps to improve the quality of data. Data is vital and by using this tool, many businesses can gain benefits as this data can be used in different areas of the business to improve its growth. These files are very important as they help in routing maps. It can be a key factor in any GIS application. You require an expert to import OSM files into ArcGIS Pro, which can be done easily with the help of GIS application development services.



By using these tools, the process becomes smooth and easy for developers. It is important to have extensive knowledge of the GIS application development process and its tools. GIS applications are used in various industries like agriculture, urban planning, environmental fields, transportation, etc. The right use of these tools can help businesses from any area gain more profits and improve their scalability. Every company should build quality GIS applications with the help of these tools.


About US:

BrainFuel is one of the top players in the GIS application development industry that helps various companies build good GIS applications. Our developers are experienced and have extensive knowledge of these development tools and the process, which helps your business to choose the best tool depending on the project requirements.




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