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Why does your app need ‘Golang’?

Go or Golang is a relatively young programming language developed by Google that is publicly available to use. Companies using Golang are greater in number due to its winning advantages. Mobile applications are the new normal for every need and people rely on them for almost everything from entertainment to medical assistance. Developers all over the world also see companies using Golang and other languages for mobile app development surge like never before. For instance, Google play store has approximately 3,00, 000 applications in the store. In a nutshell, it underlines the fierce competition in the area of mobile app development. 

Why the competition is harder

The mobile or the companies using Golang must be nailed in all aspects. The end-user is very determined about the solution and expects it to be the perfect one that must cover their problems and other demands.  The problem faced by developers is the dilemma to choose the best language for app development. There are many old and young programming languages today and the selection also plays key importance in performance level. 

Companies using Golang are considered the best for its captivating features for app development. We have seen, the language was developed by Google in 2007. The reason behind the invention was to find a better language other than C++. Google’s employees found out that C++ is no longer the right platform for development as it demanded more databases and gigantic networking machines for smooth operation. 

Why backup your application with Golang
  • The best language for modern applications

Go is best suitable for modern-day programming. It is the best language due to its modern software solutions. You can easily build a mobile application with Go and host it in any cloud. It is a powerful package that can do anything in any operating system.

  • A fastest and powerful solution

Learning a programming language is sometimes arduous. But, Go is very easy to learn and use. That is why companies using Golang are getting great prominence. 

  • Cross-platform solutions

Using Golang, you can create an application utilizing the features of the C language. Deployment of the application is very easy as it can be operated on any platform. 

It is true that we have tons of solutions to build a mobile application, but it seems like any other programming language can not beat Golang. BBC, Twitter, The Newyork Times and Apple are some of the companies which use Golang. It’s pretty easy to learn and use for any developer. Moreover, the cross-platform friendliness makes it ideal for mobile applications. When you power your application with Go, you can rest assured it will be a magnificent application. 

About us 

Brainfuel is one of the top companies using Golang in India for developing stunning mobile applications for a vast clientele. We create an outstanding application of all kinds as per the requirements of your industry; so that your business objectives get. Being one of the adept companies using Golang in India, we deliver bespoke and scalable solutions.



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