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Why you should learn Golang as your next language

Over a decade ago, Google created the programming language knows as Golang. Golang or Go is believed to have the best parts of numerous other programming languages. For instance, the runtime efficiency of Go is almost similar to C++ and has got the same readability as that of JavaScript and Python. Golang is the programming language that most developers are trying to learn nowadays as per HackerRank’s Developer skill reports of 2020. Though the demand for golang development strategies and solutions is on the rise, few developers still consider Golang as a programming language that is not up to the mark which is not true. Besides the disinterest of the few people, since the last two years in a row, Go ranks as one of the highest-paid computer programming languages of all times. The facts mentioned below will give you a better picture of the significance of this favorite programming language.

What makes Golang Unique?

Golang combines the advantages of strong system-level programming languages that the golang development team use for programming that is carried out across big distributed systems and wide-scale networks. Furthermore, developers enjoy better readability and usability. Go is the statically typed and compiled programming language created specifically for multiprocessing and top-notch networking capabilities making it very much dynamic. 

Golang directly compiles to binary code. This requires only a minimal memory footprint. Therefore the golang development team can enjoy the maximum benefits of advanced cloud-based architectures and microservices that handles a great deal of traffic.

What are the applications of Golang?

With highly skilled golang development teams, the language is now being used in different types of applications such as Kubernetes and Docker. This is another clear indication that shows you the rising demand for technically advanced language. The importance of Golang keeps on increasing because more developer teams now make use of containerization as a method to build and deploy projects more effectively.

Better and increased job opportunities

The advent of Golang has paved the way for better and increased job opportunities. Apart from Google, corporate giants such as Dropbox, Netflix, Uber, and Twitch now use Golang. So the chances for jobs are more if you want to make it into the golang development teams of any of these firms. Golang is one of the best choices for the seamless functioning of web-based backend services. Going forward, the use-cases for Golang will surely increase along with its rising popularity and that will lead to more job opportunities. Golang is mainly used as a coding language for Web-based servers. Therefore the befitting job capacities can be seen in the DevOps, backend engineering, and system engineering departments that are inclusive of cloud engineering along with microservices. As per Burning Glass, a reliable source that verifies and collects millions of blogs from all over, Golang related jobs are expected to boom at a whopping 49.8 % in the next 10 years to come. So you stand a better chance of getting a futuristic job by being well versed advanced Golang. 

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